Meeting Minutes

Minutes of the April 25, 2015 meeting of the Borough of Rockaway Historical Committee
• Arnold Bernard, President
• Jean Rueter, Vice President
• Sam Saporite, 2nd Vice President
• Joyce Kanigel, Corresponding and Recording Secretary
• Jim Allen, Curator
• Jackie Koury, Curator Emeritus
• Tom Slockbower
• Robert Rueter
Call to order:
Arnie called the meeting to order at 10:12 a.m., and led the Salute to the Flag and the moment of
remembrance. Joyce as recording secretary read notes from our last meeting.
Sam commented that some members of the by-laws committee had met. He also passed out a financial
report for Treasurer Pat Giannetti, who was absent. Jean made a motion to accept the report, and the motion
was seconded by Jim.
Corresponding Secretary's Report:
Joyce noted she had sent a letter to Mr. George Berry of 74 Kitchell Road, Denville, thanking him for giving
us the Rockaway Athletic Club patch donated by his father, Melvin "Skip" Berry. Joyce gave the patch to Jim
to be transferred to the museum. Tom Slockbower noted that Tom Trapasso's father had a photo of a
Rockaway Athletic Club team.
Joyce also mentioned email correspondence with a writer for Metropolitan Golfer Magazine. The writer was
looking for material about the Rockaway River Country Club, and had seen a 1940s photo of caddies on posted
on our web site. (This was a photo that Bob Edwards had allowed us to scan.) The writer requested permission
to publish the photo, in case his magazine wanted to use it. Joyce contacted Arnie and he agreed that it would
be ok to use the photo, but that we would appreciate a small donation if the magazine decided to publish it.
The writer agreed to this.
Other correspondence included emails from Victoria Ramsey, who is working on a virtual tour of historic
Rockaway project. Victoria had asked for some history of the area where Anthony's Pizzeria was now located,
and Joyce sent her some pictures and information about it.
Last, Joyce mentioned that she had heard from Mr. Fletcher, a longtime resident of Rockaway who lives on
Elm Street. Mr. Fletcher wondered if the Historical Committee might have a collection of the photos taken of
each Jefferson School 8th grade class during their Washington, D.C. trip. He was especially interested in his
own class photo from 1967. It was suggested that former principal John Burnside might have kept copies of
the class photos in the Board of Education Building, and that we contact the BOE to ask if they still had them.
Museum report:
Jim reported on progress that had been made during recent museum clean-up dates. Rugs were vacuumed,
glass cases were cleaned, and picture frames and glass were dusted and Windexed. The Rockaway high
school bullhorn was suspended from the ceiling. Jim announced that the next museum clean-up would be on
Wednesday April 29th from 6-8pm. Jim also requested purchase of an outdoor mat and a runner for the area
inside the door. It was noted that Rockaway Hardware already has our state tax exemption form, but that if
we wanted to purchase these items elsewhere, we could ask other merchants to verify our state tax
exemption information also. They would need to do this in advance of the purchase.
Minutes of April 25, 2015 meeting of the Borough of Rockaway Historical Committee: page 2
Museum report continued ... Other comments and questions about the exterior of the museum:
• Arnie asked Tom whether Public Works had been able to clean the gutters and repair the leader elbow yet;
Tom said he had a work order for it
• Arnie mentioned that the mayor has said the town would fix the cracks in the museum's exterior
• it was noted that the metal awning over the side door needed repainting
• the exterior walls need repainting - it was suggested that the Morris Hills art department could be consulted
about the possibility of art students helping out; also it was mentioned that Joe Ellis, a history teacher at
Morris Hills who lives on Longview Road, might be interested in joining.
General discussion of new and old business:
1. Sam made a motion to post our federal and state tax numbers on our website. Jean seconded the motion
and the motion was carried.
2. Regarding the Washington School bell project that was proposed by Mr. Bob Garay of CRAFTs of NJ:
Tom reported that Mr. Garay had told him that a partner in the project had moved away; Mr. Garay said this
had delayed his availability to work on the bell, but said he was still interested in the project.
3. Arnie asked Sam about the veterans' registration project initiated by the County Clerk's office.
Sam said he had called the County Clerk's office and had spoken with the contact person for the project.
The contact person said:
• she would conduct registrations only in May and November
• Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays are the preferred days
• she would need us to guarantee a minimum of 10 veteran registrants before she would bring her
Registration equipment to our location.
Sam suggested a veterans' registration event to be held on Thursday May 28th or Friday May 29th. Arnie said
he hoped this could be scheduled for around 4-7pm so that vets who work would have time to get here.
4. Comments about our Sunday May 24th and Monday May 25th (Memorial Day) museum open house:
• Tom said he would bring a restored military jeep
• Tom said our Borough Clerk Sheila Seifert would look into whether the Borough would need to require
"hold harmless" agreements from the Girl Scouts or other vendors who might be present;
• Hey Jude's, the ice cream vendor, already has a permit
• efforts will be made to make flyers; to get notices of this two-day event published in the Neighbor News and
The Citizen; to invite the mayor and council; to have announcements made in the schools; to ask Sheila if we
could announce the event on the firehouse marquee
• Tom suggests naming this event "Opening Day & Salute to Our Veterans."
5. Sam mentioned he had talked to Bud Masters about the old Methodist Church's history. Jean noted that
the old church's records had been transferred to the new church. The Reverend Lisette Perez could be
contacted about copies of these records, and Jean said she could do this. It was reported that Shari Bernard
would like to help Bud work together with us to make sure the old Methodist Church -- now the Bell & Barter
Theater-- is preserved as a historic landmark in our town. Sam suggested the establishment of a historic
sites committee, to be headed by Shari Bernard and including honorary members Jackie and Jean.
There was discussion about taking advantage of Bud's offer to allow us use the Bell & Barter Theater for
presentations and displays. The Committee voted to approve pursuing this opportunity.
6. Sam requested that we ask Borough Clerk Sheila Seifert if she would be willing to come to a Saturday
meeting to administer the oath of office to our elected officers. He would like to call the newspapers to
request that they send a reporter and photographer to record the swearing-in event.
7. Joyce said she would order more "Historical Committee Member" buttons (the ones with the Rockaway
carriage logo).  The buttons can be used to help identify members during our events. Joyce passed out a
first set of buttons during Night Out in August 2012, so some members already have the buttons.
Jim made a motion to adjourn; this was seconded by Sam. The meeting was adjourned at 12:20pm.

Respectfully submitted,  Joyce Kanigel, recording secretary
Minutes of the June 27, 2015 meeting of the Borough of Rockaway Historical Committee
• Arnold Bernard, President
• Jean Rueter, Vice President
• Sam Saporite, 2nd Vice President
• Pat Giannetti, Treasurer
• Joyce Kanigel, Corresponding and Recording Secretary (present for first 20 minutes)
• Jim Allen, Curator
• Tom Slockbower
• Bob Edwards
• Ted Hussa
President Arnold Bernard opened the meeting at about 10:15 a.m.
He asked to start the meeting with the Corresponding Secretary's report, since Joyce needed to leave early
for a memorial service for former Freeholder Jack Schrier.
Corresponding Secretary's report - Joyce mentioned that :
• Bob Edwards had given her a copy of a Shawger/Davenport/Allison/Wendel family genealogy
• Mary-Jo Solomon from the Morris Area Genealogy Society had emailed to ask if she and another MAGS
member could visit our museum during our open house on Sunday June 28th. The MAGS are visiting several
local historical groups to see what kind of genealogical records they have.
• Joyce will be writing to Phyllis Alpaugh to thank her for giving us two books about Civil War uniforms and
weapons; and to Ann Miller for a copy of a clipping about Grace Crook
• also she will reply to a letter from a family who donated items to our museum during our open house
• she reported that Peg Shultz is considering possible changes to the County's re-grant program
• we have received questions from realtors and appraisers about the historic house at 1 Easton Ave; it is
hoped that this issue will soon be addressed by the Borough with a demolition-delay ordinance
• we received notice from the State that we will need to refile our State Charities Registration Form
for the fiscal year ending Jan 1, 2014.
Treasurer's report :
Pat reported a balance of $7540.23 in our account.
Museum report :
Jim reported a lot of people had visited our museum for the first open house of the year on Sunday May 24th
and Memorial Day, May 25th. We sold some books and ornaments, and visitors showed a lot of interest in
our Borough history.
General discussion of new and old business :
Jean reported work had been done on the bylaws.
Jean asked about putting a notice in the Daily Record about museum openings. Arnie said he had heard from
Joyce that she asked the Daily Record about this, and was told that it would cost us about $100 to place even
a small notice. The Neighbor News has not been reliable in recent months, and they are also publishing only
twice a month now. The Citizen did publish an article about the Memorial Day museum opening.
Sheila Seifert has been helpful in posting notice of our museum openings on the firehouse marquee.
Ted Hussa mentioned that the next meeting of the Greater Rockaway Genealogy Club would be on
Sunday June 28th at 3pm at the 2nd Union schoolhouse on Openaki Road in Denville.
Arnie said he would not be able to be present for our next museum openings on July 25th and 26th.
He thought he would be able to be present in the morning for our July 25th meeting, however.
Minutes of the June 27, 2015 meeting of the Borough of Rockaway Historical Committee, continued page 2
Arnie said he'd met a toolmaker who might be able to put on a demonstration outside our museum with his
forge. He uses propane to fire his forge. This would be ok with our fire marshal. Tom Slockbower says we
will have a fire extinguisher
available. Arnie is looking for contact information for the toolmaker.
Arnie read a report of the number of ornaments we still have in stock, for each year of issue. He could not
find any ornaments left for the year 2010. The cost for new ornaments for this year was $664.88 for 96
ornaments. There was a discussion of the price we should charge for the new ornaments. Suggestions
ranged from $9 to $9.50 to $10. The decision was made to charge $9 for new ornaments, and to keep the
price of old ones at $8.50.
The Borough Police have invited us to participate in Night Out, which will be on Tuesday August 4th. It starts
at 6pm and goes until about 9pm. The police provide us with a table and chairs, and there is no charge.
However participants can't sell anything during this event. Arnie suggested we put a sign on our table noting
that ornaments and books will be available for purchase at the museum on August 22nd and 23rd(?)
Arnie said he will donate a new needle he ordered to repair the record player Joyce brought to the museum.
Arnie noted we had received a letter from State Attorney General's office regarding our charities registration
form for the year ending Jan 1, 2014. There were some errors in the application, and we are being asked
to re-submit. We should resubmit the forms and payment of the fee to make sure this matter is cleared up.
Jim said Celebrate Rockaway Day this year will be Sunday Sept 20th. He says that all participants are being
asked to pay a fee, including Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts. A voice vote was held on the question of paying
the $25 fee so we can participate this year. The vote passed. We can pay the fee to the RBBOA in August.
Jim proposes that we ask for our table to be located down by the river, where the old mill and Kelly's barn
used to be. This is a nice historic location and gets a lot
of foot traffic from people attending the event.
Sam announced the formation of a new volunteer veterans' group that will march in future Memorial Day
parades, and possibly participate in Veterans' Day commemorations. Since our local American Legion was
dissolved last year, we did not have any organized group of veterans ready to march in this year's parade.
The new veterans' group will be available to march in their place. Any veterans are welcome to join.
There was some discussion of antique cars for possible display on Celebrate Rockaway Day.
Arnie mentioned the possibility of inviting a Civil War reenactment group to Donatoni Park, either for some
time in September after Celebrate Rockaway Day; or for some time in October. They would set up on a
Friday night, and pack up Sunday afternoon. There would be no cost to us. We would have to get permission
for them to camp at Donatoni. They might be able to use the bathrooms in the lower level of our museum
building. We could talk to Phyllis Alpaugh at Lincoln School and Mark Schwarz at the school district to see
if we could get some student participation. We could have the museum open, and might receive some
donations. A voice vote was held to approve looking into this event. The vote passed.
Jean said she would ask the new schools superintendent Mark Schwarz to join our Committee.
Jim wanted to know if the Committee would be willing to make an ornament designated for 2014.
No ornament was made that year. Jean said she had a picture of the first firetruck in Rockaway that was
built by Fred Fichter. A voice vote was held to use this picture for a new ornament, and to designate its
year as 2014. The vote passed.
Ted Hussa noted Rockaway's illustrious Civil War history and suggested that we note this at the time of the
possible Civil War encampment event. Arnie said that the 27th NJ Volunteers visit our cemetery every year
in May to commemorate the drownings of 19 Rockaway soldiers in the Cumberland River during the Civil War.
Tom S. mentioned a donation (?) from Bob Edwards's daughter. Also Rockaway Hardware needs a new
donation can (?).
Jim made a motion for the meeting to be adjourned. The vote passed and the Committee adjourned.
Respectfully submitted,  Joyce Kanigel, recording secretary
Minutes of the July 25, 2015 meeting of the Borough of Rockaway Historical Committee

• Arnold Bernard, President
• Jean Rueter, Vice President
• Sam Saporite, 2nd Vice President
• Pat Giannetti, Treasurer
• Joyce Kanigel, Corresponding and Recording Secretary
• Jim Allen, Curator
• Jackie Koury, Curator Emeritus
• Joan Miller
• Tom Slockbower
• Joan Jackson
• Bob Edwards
• Patrick McDonald
• Robert Rueter
• Ken Lattig
• David Philippi
• Michelle Antonelli

President Arnold Bernard opened the meeting at about 10:15 a.m.

Arnie mentioned the annual Night Out event to which we are invited by the Borough Police Department. This
will be held at Firemens' Field on Tuesday, August 4th, starting at 6pm. Jackie suggested that members bring
their own folding chairs. Jim said he would bring one of each of our books for display. Arnie said he would
bring our banner and ornaments to display, along with a sign stating that books and ornaments could be
purchased during our next museum opening dates, which will be the weekend of August 22nd and 23rd.

Arnie brought an Ace Hardware brochure showing a pop-up tent on sale. He suggested this would be a good
item for the Committee to purchase, for use on sunny occasions such as Celebrate Rockaway Day and for
museum events. Other items to purchase at Ace Hardware are dowels or rods that could be used to hang the
commemorative blanket (that was donated to the museum at our Memorial Day open house). The acquisition
of these items was approved, and Tom Slockbower volunteered to go to Ace Hardware to purchase them.

Arnie reported he had taken an inventory of books and ornaments stored in the closet at the museum.
So far he has found 58 blue books, and 62 of the maroon and white books. Arnie suggested having a
discussion in September as to whether we need to reorder any books. He asked if any members have books
or ornaments at home that we could add to the count. Sam suggested that any ornaments that are to be
kept on reserve (i.e., not sold) should be stored separately at the museum.

Arnie noted that the State requires non-profit organizations to store their records in a location that is
accessible to officers of the organization. He requested that members who keep records at home make
copies of those records, and bring them to the museum so they can be stored and accessed at that location.
Arnie asked Jim or Joyce to register for a table at Celebrate Rockaway (as approved last month), and to send
in the $25 check.

Treasurer's report :
Pat reported a balance of $7694.17 in our account.

Museum report :
Jim reported he is working on a 2014 ornament, which was approved at our June meeting. Sam suggested
we call it a "special edition" ornament; this will give the ornament collection some continuity (since no
ornament was issued in 2014). The new ornament will have a picture of the Borough's first motorized
firetruck. The colors as picked by Jackie are a snow-white background with a firehouse-red picture of the
firetruck, with caption reading: "First Borough Firetruck / Put in Service October 3, 1912 / Rockaway Borough
Historical Committee." All of this was approved by the Committee. Arnie asked Jim to check into the details
of ordering the ornament and to report on it at a future meeting.
minutes of the July 25, 2015 meeting of the Borough of Rockaway Historical Committee, continued page 2

General discussion of new and old business :
Tom Slockbower reported that Mike DeFelice (sp?) had donated a display case from his barber shop.
The display case is at our museum and just needs a little cleaning up.Pat G had a question about books
donated by Agnes Cuneo Struble (?). Bob Edwards requested an addition to our June minutes, regarding
his donation of a copy of a family Genealogy (specifically that the title of the genealogy, as noted in the
minutes, will include the Allison, Davenport, and Wendel families, in addition to the Shawger family).
Sam welcomed Joan Jackson back to the Committee, as well as Pat McDonald as a new member.

Regarding the revision of our bylaws: Jean brought a printed copy of a draft. Joyce noted that although she is
an appointed member of the bylaws committee, she had not yet been given an opportunity to have input to
this draft. Two other appointed members of the bylaws committee, David Philippi and Michelle Antonelli,
had also not been invited to participate in the discussion, to date. David P said he would withdraw his name
as a member of the bylaws committee. Sam suggested that a way to remove confusion (over who is a
currently a member of the bylaws committee), would be for Arnie as president to re-appoint bylaws members
at this meeting. Pat objected that she did not want to serve on the bylaws committee if new members were
appointed. Joyce requested a copy of the printed draft that has been produced, and Pat lent Joyce a copy.

Joyce noted that our 2010-2012 bylaws were approved by the IRS in 2014, when our 501(c)(3) status was
restored. If we make only minor changes to our 2010-2012 bylaws, we will not have to re-submit them to the
IRS. But if substantial parts of our bylaws are changed, we will be required by law to re-submit the new
version to both the IRS and the State Attorney General for review. To avoid jeopardizing our non-profit status,
we need to keep all IRS recommendations for bylaws in mind when making potential changes.
Sam thanked the Committee for our support of the new volunteer veterans' group that is planning to march
in future Memorial Day parades, and possibly participate in Veterans' Day commemorations, following the
dissolution of our local American Legion. The name of the new veterans' group is the "Rockaway Veterans'
Association. " Jean commented that it is possible to get an honor guard from Picatinny Arsenal to march in
our parade; however Sam said it would be good to have a hometown group available to march also.
Regarding the American Legion Building that is being sold: It was noted that the building was the original
location of Sacred Heart Church. Jackie was concerned about potential deterioration of the building, or of
artifacts inside. There is a historic plaque on the site that we hope could be donated to our museum.

Pat G noted that when Emil Suarez was school superintendent, he had 4th graders come to our meetings.
At that time, 4th graders studied Rockaway history. Pat McD said that Borough history is now studied in
3rd grade. It was suggested that our schools might be interested in taking 3rd graders around town by bus
to learn about some of our historic buildings. Arnie suggested that October might be a good month to do this.
Sam nominated
Pat McD to be a liaison to the schools, and suggested that he bring up this idea with them.
The nomination was approved. Arnie asked us to come up with spots where the bus should stop. Pat McD
nominated Sam to be a liaison to the Rockaway Borough Business Owners' Association. Jean seconded
the motion and it was approved. 
For our yard sale fundraiser event next month, Tom Slockbower will post
the information online on sites such as and Craig's List, and Joyce will try to get information
in the Daily Record. The flyer for the event and the application are available on the Borough's website
at We will also promote this event at Night Out and Celebrate Rockaway.
Arnie suggested that the $10 fee for the application might be a little high, and suggested reducing it to $5.
A vote was held, and it was decided to keep the fee at $10. Maps to be sold on the day of the purchase will
be $1. 
Regarding the Washington School bell project, Bob Garay was contacted. Mr. Garay said he hasn't
had time to work on the bell, because one of his partners in the project had moved away. However he is still
interested in the project and hopes to begin work in the fall. Jim made a motion for the meeting to be adjourned.
By general agreement the Committee adjourned.

Respectfully submitted, Joyce Kanigel, recording secretary
Minutes of the August 22, 2015 meeting of the Borough of Rockaway Historical Committee

• Arnold Bernard, President
• Jean Rueter, Vice President
• Sam Saporite, 2nd Vice President
• Joyce Kanigel, Corresponding and Recording Secretary
• Jim Allen, Curator
• Jackie Koury, Curator Emeritus
• Joan Miller
• Tom Slockbower
• Patrick McDonald
• Robert Rueter
• Ted Hussa
• Ken Lattig

President Arnold Bernard opened the meeting at about 10:15 a.m.

General old and new business:
There was a discussion about preparations for
- our museum openings this weekend
- Celebrate Rockaway Day on Sunday Sept 20th
- and for our first town-wide yard sale fund-raiser, which will be on Saturday Sept 26th.

To let the public know about these events, Tom, Arnie, Sam and Jim are distributing flyers. Joyce will request
that the Neighbor News publish notices. She has also posted an event notice for the yard sale in the online
edition of The Daily Record. Tom S knows how to get the news out via social media. And Sheila Seifert has
been putting notice of our events on the firehouse marquee.

For Celebrate Rockaway, Victoria Ramsey emailed Joyce that she was almost finished with the app she is
creating to showcase Borough history, and that she would like sit at our table for this event.

Patrick McD asked if our organization would be willing to make a donation to the Park Security Project that is
being sponsored by the Rockaway Borough Recreation Committee. This is a privately-funded effort to buy
surveillance cameras for some of our parks and recreation areas. Patrick noted that all donations go directly
toward purchase and installation of the camera systems; and he said that the typical amount of a donation
being made by local groups has been about $250. Sam made a motion that we make a $250 donation to this
cause. The motion was seconded by Joan M, and was passed unanimously.

Joyce asked for approval to put up a tri-fold display in our museum about a former Borough resident, Ogden
Collins. The display could be set up next to the mannequin wearing a wool baseball uniform that had
belonged to Mr. Collins. Sam made a motion to approve the display, and the motion was passed unanimously.

Arnie noted that an Eagle Scout had expressed interest in helping paint the exterior of our museum, possibly
in the spring.

Curator's report:
Jim Allen reported that we had a good Night Out celebration on August 4th. Many attendees expressed
interest in books and ornaments that Jim had set up on our display table. Although sales are not permitted
during Night Out, Jim told interested persons that they could buy these items either at our museum, or at
future events such as Celebrate Rockaway.

Twelve visitors came to the museum on our last open date in July. Arnie had some proceeds from sales of
items at the museum that he wanted to give to Treasurer Pat G. Jim told the Committee that he decided to
store the money box in a more secure location at the museum, since he had heard there was a break-in at
the Donatoni field house recently.
minutes of the August 22, 2015 meeting of the Borough of Rockaway Historical Committee, continued page 2

An ongoing inventory is being taken of Christmas ornaments stored at the museum.
Patrick said he thought the Girl Scouts might like to sell these ornaments in front of the Quick
Check/pharmacy shop in the center of town. However some Committee members were concerned about
breakage, and would prefer to sell the ornaments in front of the museum. This topic was tabled for now.

Treasurer's report:
Jackie reported on behalf of Pat G that we had a balance of $7482.17 in our account, as of the August

More old and new business:
Jackie said we might expect to get a request for a donation of a basket to the Winter Wonderland event. She
suggested that items for donation could include a calendar, a pen, an ornament, and a rolled up map. Sally
Mastras usually provides a basket to hold the items.

More discussion about Winter Wonderland followed. Some members questioned whether we should have a
table at the event this year. Jim said things did not go well last year due to a chaotic situation with children
running in hallways.

Sam suggested that Patrick could be a liaison with the school, and Patrick said he would be meeting with
them. He said that Rockaway is studied in 3rd grade, and that he would get us more information about that.

Arnie asked for more members to please help out at the museum when it is open, if possible. Joan Miller
said she might be able to help, and asked Arnie to call her if needed.
There was a discussion about producing more carriage ornaments. This is a popular ornament, and few of
them are left. Joyce was asked to take a digital photo of the carriage ornament and print it out for Jim. Jim
plans to take the photo to ABC Printing to get an estimate of the cost to reproduce the ornament.

Discussion of the by-laws update was tabled to a future meeting. After Jackie reported that Pat G wanted to
know if Arnie could sign checks, it was suggested that the new by-laws should include a provision that checks
could be signed by two officers, who would have their signatures on file at the bank.

Arnie reported that he had tried to contact Bob Garay regarding the Washington School bell project, but had
been unsuccessful so far.

Regarding our hosting a possible Civil War encampment in Donatoni Park either this fall or next spring:
Arnie reported that our Borough police chief said we won't need to pay for police security. The reenactor's
group, which is based in Hackettstown, already has insurance, and they can prove this to the Borough.
This event could draw a lot of visitors to our museum. It would be good to publicize it to schools.
Tom S. suggested borrowing Mary Robinson's Civil War flag from the library for the occasion.

Ted H suggested that a related event could be a reenactment of bringing Rockaway's Civil War dead home
from the railroad station (from the station's former location on East Main Street) to the Rockaway cemetery.
This could be done in cooperation with the Hackettstown reenactors, who come to the Rockaway cemetery
every May to commemorate the loss of Rockaway soldiers who drowned in the Cumberland River on May 6,
1863. It was mentioned that one of the Hackettstown reenactors, Dr. Henry Shotwell, is a descendant of a
soldier who drowned in the Cumberland River. Dr. Shotwell's email was given as

Jim made a motion to close, and the meeting was adjourned at 11:40 a.m.

Respectfully submitted, Joyce Kanigel, recording secretary
Minutes of the October 24, 2015 meeting of the Borough of Rockaway Historical Committee

. Arnold Bernard, President
. Jean Rueter, Vice President
. Sam Saporite, 2nd Vice President
. Joyce Kanigel, Corresponding and Recording Secretary
. Jim Allen, Curator
. Jackie Koury, Curator Emeritus
. Joan Miller
. Tom Slockbower
. Joan Jackson
. Ken Lattig
. Father William George

President Arnold Bernard opened the meeting at about 10:15 a.m.

Treasurer's report
Jackie gave the report on behalf on Pat, who was absent. The new balance in our account is $8355.30. Our
previously reported balance in August was $7482.18.

Arnie noted the increase in our account balance. He said that although we'd had some expenses in the last
few weeks, we have also been making money from sales of books and ornaments, and from donations. Joan
Miller said she had some additional money from the donation jar at Smith's Tavern.

Museum/curator's report
Jim reported on our experience at Celebrate Rockaway last September 20th. We had many visitors to our
table and made about $250 from ornaments, maps, books and donations.

Also we were told that the Business Owners' Association would like to donate $50 to us in thanks for our
providing historical tours of East Main Street during Celebrate Rockaway. Arnie and Joyce each spent a
couple of hours in the horse-drawn wagon, giving the tours and handing out maps of historic East Main Street.

Yard sale fundraiser report
For our first annual town-wide yard sale fundraiser on September 26th, Tom Slockbower reported we had a
total of 55 applicants, each of whom paid $10 to participate in the event. Additionally he sold 98 yard sale
maps at $1 each. After deducting the cost of yard signs, which Tom paid for personally, we will have a net
profit of about $589.

Arnie made a motion to reimburse Tom for expenses associated with the yard sale. This passed unanimously.
Members agreed the event was a very successful fundraiser and that we would like to do it again next year.

Discussion of possible future events
Tom suggested we sponsor another event . a classic car show, which could be held at Donatoni Park. There
is a local car club that could bring about 30 or 40 cars for display. The club brings its own DJ to the event,
and provides its own trophies. We could talk to the Borough's Recreation Committee about selling food from
the concession stand, or from a cart, and splitting proceeds from food sales with Rec. Jean noted we would
need to have Health Dept approval for food sales. A Sunday afternoon from around 4 pm - 8pm in the spring
or summer would be ideal for this event.

Arnie said he had done more research about a possible Civil War encampment, also to be held at Donatoni.
Spring would be a good time for this event. It would not be a fundraiser per se, but we could have our
museum open during part of the event, and might receive donations or sell books. Our police chief said it's
ok for reenactors to fire muskets and cannon, provided he is given an itinerary for events that produce loud
noise. The chief also said he doesn't believe we would need to hire security. We would need to get permission
from the Borough to have restrooms below our museum stay open for the reenactors through the weekend.
minutes of the October 24, 2015 meeting of the Borough of Rockaway Historical Committee page 2

General old and new business:
There was some discussion about Mr. John Klusick's comments on our book titled "Growing Up in Rockaway."
Mr. Klusick had written a note about what he considered to be a few inaccuracies in the book. Jackie said she
thought that enough opportunities had been given to the public to submit corrections, at the time the book
was being put together. She felt that the text should stay the same in the event the book is republished.

Joyce noted the generous donation of 116 Christmas ornaments from the Rockaway Township Historical
Society. These ornaments show the historic Stephen Jackson house, which is located in Rockaway Borough
(and is now used as a convent by Sacred Heart Church). There was some discussion about how much to
charge buyers for these ornaments. It was generally agreed that $5 might be a good price.

Father George of Saints Peter & Paul Carpatho-Russian Church was asked about the church-sponsored
Christmas bazaar that is coming up soon. He said it would be held on Saturday, December 5th from 9am-
3pm. There will be ethnic food sold, and various groups will have tables in the church hall for selling
merchandise. Joyce noted she had sent the church a registration form and a $30 check to hold a table for us.

There was discussion about a possible donation of items for a basket for Winter Wonderland. While some
members did not want to participate in Winter Wonderland this year, we agreed that we wanted to donate
a few items so we can continue showing good will toward the Home & School Association. It was decided that
we would donate -
• one book
• one of the ornaments recently donated by the RT Historical Society (the Stephen Jackson House)
• one of our ornaments (to be selected by Jim Allen, based on his inventory of available ornaments).
We will give the items to Sally Mastras; she will provide the basket and bring it to the event.

Jean brought up a possible PowerPoint presentation about Rockaway history for our schools. We believe
Patrick McDonald is speaking to Borough School Superintendent Schwarz about this idea.

Sam reported that Ruben sent his regrets that he could not attend our October meeting, and that Patrick
McDonald was away at his daughters' softball tournament. He also reported that Clayton Squire would
provide his miniature firetruck for display during our museum hours this weekend, and also potentially at the
church bazaar in December.

Joyce said she take a picture of the mini firetruck at the museum, and send it to Ruben for posting on our
website. Arnie asked if any other members could help out at the museum this weekend. Joan Miller and Ken
Lattig said they could be there.

Sam said he would be reading a proclamation at the council meeting on November 12th. The proclamation is
in honor of our historic fire department. The mini firetruck will also be on display for this meeting. Sam also
noted that one flag from the departing PNC Bank will be given to our museum, and another will go to Rotary.

Arnie is going to ask ABC Printing about another possible order of this year's firetruck ornaments, since they
are already selling so well. The minimum order is for 96.

For next year's ornament, Arnie proposed using the Borough's official police patch insignia for the design. He
would like to honor the work of our police and other police departments everywhere. There was general
agreement to consider this idea.

Jim made a motion to close, and the meeting was adjourned at 11:37 a.m.

Respectfully submitted, Joyce Kanigel, recording secretary
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