Meeting Minutes

Minutes of the January 27, 2018 meeting of the Borough of Rockaway Historical Committee Present:

  • Arnold Bernard, President

  • Barbara Koch, Treasurer

  • Beth Witanek, Co-Treasurer

  • Joyce Kanigel, Corresponding and Recording Secretary

  • Jim Allen, Curator

  • Joan Miller

  • Ken Lattig

  • Jean Rueter

  • Tony Gebbia

  • Jim Hurley

  • Bob Edwards

  • Tom Slockbower

  • Ted Hussa

    President Arnold Bernard opened the meeting at 10:05 a.m. A salute to the fag and moment of silence were held. Treasurer's Report

    Treasurer Barbara Koch reported an account balance of $7,411.39 as of the end of 2017. There was a total of $622 in proceeds from the Sts Peter & Paul Church Christmas bazaar (including a check from Father Matthew for for the church's purchase of ornaments). Jim gave Barbara an additional $45 from general sales of ornaments. Joan M brought in $60.85 that she collected from the donation jars at Smith's Tavern and Rockaway Liquors.

    Barbara reimbursed Tom S for $47.04 for museum decorations; and wrote another check for $400 to pay Blast Masters for their work on the Washington School bell.

    Jean R asked if an audit of our fnances had been planned. Jim H suggested having an audit done by a committee of our own members. JIm H, Tony G and Beth volunteered to do this.

    Barbara has prepared some organizational information, e.g. about setting meeting agendas. She will send a copy to Joyce and Joyce will send it out as an attachment prior to our next meeting.

    Corresponding Secretary's Report

    Joyce had an update about the status of the Historic Trolley Trail project. A grant for $5000 has already been awarded by the Highlands Coalition to help pay for installation of a footbridge (where the trail crosses over Fox's Brook). We now have another opportunity for grant of up to $3000. This sponsored by the American Hiking Society and LL Bean. Joyce can send in a application at no charge, and there is no grant match; however the application requires that a 501(c)(3) organization be listed as a project partner for administrative purposes. Joyce asked permission to name the BRHC as a partner on the AHS application. Tony G made a motion to approve, and Tom S seconded. The motion passed unanimously. Arnie noted that the Committee has previously decided to donate $2500 toward the trolley trail project.

    Joyce noted that Robert Nichols had sent his regrets that he could not attend today. Also later we heard from Kate Lynch that she too was ill and could not be present. We hope they will get well soon.

draft minutes of the Borough of Rockaway Historical Committee for January 27, 2018, continued Curator's Report

Jim gave one of our blue history books to the principal at Divine Mercy Academy. The principal has invited us to participate in the school's annual summer fair, where we could sell books, maps, ornaments and mugs. Jim will fnd out more details and the date for the fair.

New and old business -

Washington School bell - Tom S reported that the bell has now been cleaned, and a fnish has been applied. After the sandblasting was done, some interesting markings on the bell became visible. It was cast in 1883 and is a 30" diameter #7 bell, the kind that was made for signaling emergencies such as fres.

Tony G suggested that we look into publishing booklets about Borough history, for example a short history of the frehouse. Everyone likes this idea. Arnie said we could speak to ABC Printing about this potential project.

There was discussion of future designs for ornaments and coffee mugs, for example putting the same image on both mugs and ornaments, and selling them as a package.

Ted Hussa proposed a meeting of the Greater Rockaway Genealogy Society, to be held here in the Community Center on either Saturday August 25 or Saturday September 22 of this year. The topic would be the genealogy of some of our local patriots, such as John Jacob Faesch and Stephen Jackson. Joyce said this sounded good and noted that the Genealogy Society already has permission to hold meetings here on Saturdays following the conclusion of our BRHC meetings. Weather permitting we could also tour the Presbyterian Cemetery, where many patriots are buried.

Bob E told stories about Dr McElroy, who lived in the beautiful house on Main Street that is next door to the Dr John Darbee Jackson house. Bob noted that Dr McElroy made no charge for "baseball injuries." Dr McElroy was married to the former Marion Tuttle. He died from an illness caused by drinking unpasteurized milk.

A motion was made to adjourn, and the meeting was adjourned at 11:27 a.m.

Respectfully submitted, Joyce Kanigel, Recording Secretay

Minutes of the February 17, 2018 meeting of the Borough of Rockaway Historical Committee


  • Arnold Bernard, President

  • Sam Saporite, Vice President

  • Barbara Koch, Treasurer

  • Beth Witanek, Co-Treasurer

  • Joyce Kanigel, Corresponding and Recording Secretary

  • Jim Allen, Curator

  • Joan Miller

  • Ken Lattig

  • Jean Rueter

  • Tony Gebbia

  • Jim Hurley

  • Bob Edwards

  • Tom Slockbower

  • Robert Nichols

  • Kate Lynch

    President Arnold Bernard opened the meeting at 10:07 a.m. A salute to the fag and moment of silence were held.

    President's Report
    Arnie said he could open the museum next Saturday and Sunday (4th weekend of the month), but he needs more help from members. Bob E and Ken L volunteered to help staff the museum during open hours.

    Treasurer's Report
    Treasurer Barbara Koch reported an account balance of $10,546.74 as of January 31. She had suggestions for procedures to follow for a planned internal audit of the Committee's funds. Jim H suggested that following reconciliation of checks it should be suffcient for our audit committee to issue a short letter, using letterhead stationery, signing off on the results of the reconciliation process. The audit committee's letter could then be memorialized in the minutes.

    Curator's Report
    Jim A reported that he and Barbara had cleaned out the museum's closet. Barbara sorted and wrapped t-shirts and began reviewing contents of fle cabinets.

    Corresponding Secretary's Report
    Joyce had an update about the status of a grant application for the Historic Trolley Trail project, for which the Historical Committee is a partner. The application to the American Hiking Society's small grant program has now been submitted. The AHS program offers a maximum grant of $3000 for trail development or improvement. Small grant awards will be announced in May 2018.

    Old and New Business

    There was discussion about what size and color of carriage-logo mugs we prefer. The Committee decided to order the 11 oz size, but were not unanimous as to choice of color (plain white, or white-with-black-interior). Tony G suggested we could order some of each. A motion was made to order a dozen of each, to start. The motion passed unanimously.

Jim H noted that the Saint Cecilia's craft fair, scheduled for March 10 from 9am - 2pm, might already be sold out. He provided a phone number to call regarding this event: (973) 886-8023. Jim A will call to fnd out if we can still reserve a table for selling books, ornaments, mugs etc. Barbara said she could help.

Jim A mentioned the local history books that have been published for many nearby towns, such as Denville, Dover and Wharton. He noted that no such book had been published about Rockaway Borough. The books are in a series titled 'Images of America' and are published by the Arcadia Publishing Company. Beth said she had an email address for the publisher, and would try to fnd out more details.

Jim A also noted the existence of certain historic photos of Rockaway Borough that have been offered to us. Sam made a motion for the Committee to purchase the photos. The motion passed. Joyce noted that some of the photos are already in our possession (in digitized format). She offered to check which ones we already own.

There was discussion of the future of the Stephen Jackson house. A local buyer is purchasing the Sacred Heart property, where the Jackson house is located. It is believed that the buyer may want to build apartments on the school part of the site, but this is uncertain because plans have not yet been submitted. If and when the buyer submits plans to the Land Use Board, we will have more information. We hope to be able to work with the buyer to preserve the house.

Sam thanked the Committee for our recent condolences to him and his family.

A motion was made to adjourn, and the meeting was adjourned at 11:47 a.m.

Respectfully submitted, Joyce Kanigel, Recording Secretary 
Minutes of the March 24, 2018 meeting of the Borough of Rockaway Historical Committee

Arnold Bernard, President

Barbara Koch, Treasurer Jim Allen, Curator
Bob Edwards
Tony Gebbia

Lou Guarinello Pete Hopler
Jim Hurley
Joan Jackson Kate Lynch
Rob Nichols Jean Reuter
Sam Saporite Tom Slockbower Beth Witanek

President’s Report:

President Arnold Bernard called the meeting to order at 10:07 a.m. We stood for the Pledge of Allegiance, and a moment of silence was held following that.

Arnie had with him three samples of our mug designs produced by Tony’s school. We have three dozen of each. The smallest ones (11 oz.) will likely be sold for $ 6.00; the ones with the black handle could possibly be priced at $ 6.50, and the largest ones could be sold for $ 7.00. Tom made a motion, which was seconded, that – largest to smallest size – the mugs be priced at $ 7, $ 6, $ 6, which was approved.

Arnie brought up the possibility of having a combination mug and ornament set for purchase. This year’s design is Sacred Heart. Sam raised the point of an objection to this theme, since Sacred Heart had denied to Jim Allen his request to be allowed entry to ‘tour’ the buildings that are up for sale. Barbara inquired about the lead time required for the ornaments. Sam asked if Sacred Heart was going to be responsive to/supportive of the ornaments, and further inquired if Jim A. could approach them about selling the ornaments (publicizing the availability in their church bulletin, etc.) The decision on Sacred Heart appearing as this year’s theme (and the subsequent ornament order) will be held up until next month, after Jim A. talks to Sacred Heart. A discussion ensued, with regard to the Diocese, and individuals to possibly be contacted. Barbara offered to send a personal note to the Sacred Heart Church contact person.

Jim A. announced that our museum would be open this afternoon between about 1:00 to 3:00, or 1:00 to 4:00. Barbara had produced a sign-up sheet for monthly commitments to ‘museum sit’; at least two people are needed at each time.

Treasurer’s Report:

Treasurer Barbara Koch reported that our bank statement totals $ 10,618.70. On March 18, an audit was completed at Barbara’s house (by Barbara Koch, Tony Gebbia, Jim Hurley, Beth Witanek); our finances

are in order. Barbara outlined and discussed some suggestions for an efficient process with regard to our sales and finances:

1. A cash-handling procedure for our cash box (at the museum and other special functions)
2. Request for reimbursement
3. Emergency request for petty cash (ex. small bills to have on hand for sales) which must be authorized 4. All transactions being recorded in the check register

Jim H. elaborated on the topics covered at the March audit session. We are a 501 3C; Tony found that the threshold law is $ 25,000. With regard to a possible sales tax liability, as long as an organization has a tax exemption number (which we do), there is no problem or issue. We are okay; we are exempt from New Jersey tax because we are self-selling (mugs, ornaments) and not through a vendor.

It was stated that we will remove the word ‘audit’ from the committee name, instead using the term ‘reconciliation.’

The expenditure for the September 1, 2017 order of new checks (amount of 100) cost $ 93.17.

Website updates:

Jim H. discussed with us the status and adjustments that were made with regard to our dormant website. Jim was able to get access to the website; the information that is there was from 2015. Jim updated the news there, added current dates and items for sale. The ‘contact us’ button goes to Jim, Ruben, and Joyce. The domain is licensed through ‘Go Daddy’ at present. Jim learned that Ruben has been covering the associated costs (as his donation to the group), but Ruben does need to inform us of the fee, which he can then state as a donation for his own tax purposes.

It was discussed that an active membership list is needed. It was suggested that this list be expanded to include active/past/in memorium members.

In discussing possible costs for web-hosting, Kate mentioned knowing that small site hosting can be done for about $ 375.00.

There was talk about including a PayPal button for possible donations, but we learned that having this would entail complications with regard to E-commerce, a secured server, and internal procedures with moving money and the subsequent record-keeping. Arnie advised that we should state the 1 East Main Street address for donations, which can be received via check or money order. (For now, we will accept donations, in person and through the mail, in cash, checks, money orders.)

Old and new business:

President Arnie Bernard informed us that the museum is doing well. Museum sitters must make sure to shut the lights, have the shades drawn, and lock the door.

Tom spoke about the 5-foot saw blade that was donated by the Donatoni Family’s nephew, from the former family saw mill. Tom will see to having the blade cleaned, and mentioned that we also have a Donatoni Mill uniform that can be displayed.

Further discussion included the issue of needing the phone at the museum to be working. We ourselves will first look at the issue (internally); the Borough of Rockaway owns the phone line. Arnie asked Tom about procuring a fire extinguisher for the museum.

With regard to the museum being open for the months of July and August, the decision is still up in the air (because of these months traditionally not receiving much attendance.)

Sam made a special announcement and a special presentation of the flag design created and donated to our group by the daughter of Sam’s neighbor, Pete Hopler. Arnie suggested that we display the flag at the museum under the American flag that we fly there. This flag design will also be present in this year’s Memorial Day Parade, included with Pete’s motorcycle and sidecar.

Barbara presented a list of invitees that she had put together for the upcoming Bell Dedication Ceremony. Tom stated that the bell is ready to be installed, and Arnie discussed having a date in May slated for the presentation and dedication. The date of May 19, 2018 will be discussed and decided upon at our next meeting.

It was announced that the upcoming Board of Education meeting is this Tuesday night (March 27, 2018.)

An inquiry was made about getting listings placed on the electronic signage in front of the fire house; Tom advised that Sheila Seifert be contacted for this.

The borough calendar will need to be checked for the upcoming events in the next few months. Tom announced that April 28th will be Environmental Awareness Day in Rockaway.

Further discussion ensued with regard to possible issues and logistics for the Bell Dedication. It was mentioned that parking at Donatoni Field is more readily available on Sundays. It appears that a Sunday (possibly May 20th at 1:00 p.m.) will be the best day for the event.

Barbara expressed the need to publicize information on the bell, and on its history with Washington School. It was agreed that Jean Reuter is our perfect contact person for this information.

The 2018 Museum Military Day will be on Sunday, May 27th, between 1:00 and 4:00 p.m.

Mention was made that the St. Cecelia’s Bazaar (earlier in the month) didn’t appear to be well-attended or populated by too many vendors; Jim A. will inquire about the date of the next one, in November.

Bob Edwards made the announcement that the V.F.W. in Denville (Ford Road) runs a breakfast the first Sunday of each month. The hours are between 8:00 and 11:00 a.m., at a cost of $ 8.00.

Sam conveyed the information that we have support and interest from the Fulton Bank on Route 46: There, they have a display of the ‘wooden houses’ (Rockaway landmark buildings), and their manager is

very receptive to our organization and the local history. Sam had a supply of the manager’s cards, which he handed out.

Mention was made of a thank-you note being sent to Pete Hopler, for the donation of the flag. The meeting was adjourned at 11:33 a.m.    

Respectfully submitted, Elizabeth Witanek

Minutes of the April 29, 2018 meeting of the Borough of Rockaway Historical Committee
• Arnold Bernard, President
• Sam Saporite, Vice President
• Barbara Koch, Treasurer
• Beth Witanek, Co-Treasurer
• Joyce Kanigel, Corresponding and Recording Secretary
• Jim Allen, Curator
• Joan Miller
• Joan Jackson
• Ken Lattig
• Jean Rueter
• Jim Hurley
• Bob Edwards
• Tom Slockbower
• Kate Lynch
President's Report
Due to scheduling conficts, the April 2018 meeting was held on the 4th Sunday of the month (instead of 4th
Saturday), following notice to current members by email or telephone. President Arnold Bernard opened the
meeting at 11:05 a.m. A salute to the fag and moment of silence were held.
Treasurer's Report
Treasurer Barbara Koch reported an account balance of $10,235.81 as of March 31. Barbara has also updated
the volunteer schedule, which Jim H will post on the website.
Curator's Report
Jim A reported that Ray & Judy's Bookstop has given us a check for the books they have sold there. They now
have no more copies of "Growing Up in Rockaway." There was discussion of whether to print more copies. Jean
said that if the book is to be reprinted, she requests that her name be removed from the chapter that is
designated as her contribution. A motion was passed to order 25 more copies from ABC Printing for $275.
There was discussion of an idea to publish a new book that would focus on Rockaway during the '50s, '60s and
'70s. Jim H noted a Facebook page on a similar topic called "You know you're from Rockaway when ..." He
suggested we reach out to the page's author (Wayne Fisch?) for stories.
Jim A also reported that we had a shortage of picture frames for the museum. A motion was passed to preapprove
him to spend up to $300 for frames.
This year's ornament will feature Sacred Heart Church. The wholesale price has gone up to $720 for 96
ornaments, plus $34 shipping. Barbara suggested raising our price from $9 to $10. The motion passed.
Corresponding Secretary's Report
Joyce reported correspondence from Emmons Cobb, who visited Rockaway last year. Mr. Cobb now lives in New
Hampshire, but his grandparents lived here in the house at the corner of Union and Stickle Streets. He had found a
newspaper article about the restoration of his grandparents' house.

Minutes of the May 26, 2018 meeting of the Borough of Rockaway Historical Committee
• Arnold Bernard, President
• Sam Saporite, Vice President
• Barbara Koch, Treasurer
• Beth Witanek, Co-Treasurer
• Joyce Kanigel, Corresponding and Recording Secretary
• Jim Allen, Curator
• Joan Miller
• Joan Jackson
• Ken Lattig
• Jean Rueter
• Jim Hurley
• Bob Edwards
• Tom Slockbower
• Tom Haynes
• Ted Hussa
President's Report
President Arnold Bernard opened the meeting at 10:05 a.m. A salute to the fag and moment of silence were held.
Members reviewed a list of guests who had rsvp-ed for our Washington School bell celebration scheduled for 1 pm
on Sunday, June 3. Availability of chairs was discussed.
Treasurer's Report
Treasurer Barbara Koch reported an account balance of $10,235.81. The museum volunteer schedule was also
discussed. Barbara is planning to update our member contact list.
Curator's Report
Jim A reported that 25 more copies of "Growing Up in Rockaway" had been published. Jim gave 10 copies to Ray
& Judy's BookStop, and took the remaining 15 copies to the museum. Our cost was $135.
Jim also received a check for $250 from Rob Grow, representing the Rockaway Borough Business Owners'
Association. This donation from the RBBOA is in appreciation for our efforts giving tours during Celebrate
Rockaway 2017. Jim H and Arnie took on most of this duty last year, and we thank them for their work.
This year's Celebrate Rockaway Day has been scheduled for Sunday, September 16, 2018.
Corresponding Secretary's Report
Jim A had picked up a letter from our town hall mailbox. Joyce opened the letter and reported that it was a notice
from the State Attorney General's Offce, stating that all annual State Charities Registrations must now be fled
online. The State will no longer accept paper flings. Joyce said she had set up an online account to do this and
would fle our form by the end of June, when it will be due.
Joyce also noted that our local newspapers (The Citizen and The Neighbor News) had published notices about the
upcoming Memorial Day commemoration, and the Washington School Bell celebration, as we had requested.


·       10:01am Call to Order; Flag Salute-Moment of Silence for Departed Past Members

·       Committee Reports: 

Treasurer:  -       As of 12/31/18 our account balance is $8,349.27 

 Museum Curator:   

-       Museum is open today and tomorrow. Need a volunteer to sign up for Sunday, but need volunteers going forward. 

-       Need Amanda to work on map restoration when museum is closed so no disturbances

-       Jim H. suggested volunteer sign up rolling for 90 days out so members can check their plans.

-       Jimmy talked about theft of can opener and pocket watch from small display case that did not have a lock.   


·       Museum: Security Updates; Museum Coverage Schedule: 
- Jim H. suggested volunteers sign up for museum coverage on a rolling 90 day schedule.  This will enable members to check their schedules and commit to a day bit easier.
-  There was a discussion about the number of keys in circulation and who should have them per the By-Laws.  Jimmy had extra keys that will be tested to make sure they work.
-  There should be 8 keys in circulation.

·       2019 Committee Appointments:
- We have 16 active members.
-  Need committee chairs.  Jim handed out a list of the committees per our By-Laws and suggested we all look it over to pick a committee to chair or participate in.
- Jim H. said we can’t modify our By-Laws much because they would need to be re-approved by the IRS which is a big process.

·       2019 Memorial Day Parade -RBHC Participation:
- This year is the 150thanniversary of the Memorial Day Parade in Rockaway Borough.  
-  Tom S. introduced Debbie Tanzola, who is joining the RBHC and is also co-chairing the parade committee.
-  To commemorate this momentous anniversary, Rockaway Township and Denville agreed to not have parades and will participate in the one in our town.  
-  Invitations to different organizations are being put together asking to participate in the parade.
-  There was discussion about using Jimmy’s trailer to make into a float for the parade.
-  There was talk of asking a RB resident who has a restored Rockaway carriage if we can use it in the parade.
-  Arnie, Joan, Jimmy and Barbara offered to be on the committee.
-  A question was posed whether we will still have our Memorial Day event with Veterans at the museum.  Jim suggested we decide that later.

·       Purchase of Museum Glass Display Cases:
-   There was discussion about purchasing  a new 6ft glass, locking display case.  Tom S. has been looking into this. We missed the two opportunities to purchase a used one in great condition on Ebay and Craigslist. 
- The committee approved a blanket authorization for Tom S. to spend up to $1,500.00 on a display case when he finds one. 

·       Open floor for member comments, and/or historical reflections:
-  Welcome to our newest member, Debbie Tanzola
-  There was discussion about creating a policy on accepting items “loaned” or “donated” as not all items may be important to RB history.  We also have limited space to display and store memorabilia.
-  There was discussion about whether we are covered by insurance if something “on loan” is stolen.  Arnie said we are covered by the Borough’s insurance.
-  There was discussion about taking a complete inventory of all items in the museum- pictures and description.  Kate offered that it could be a Silver Award project for Brenna and would find out if that is an approved project.
-  Jim mentioned possible meeting date changes for May, November and December.
-  Jim is going to talk to Sheila Siefert about adding a meeting notification on the board in front of the municipal building for the week preceding each meeting.
-  Joan Jackson has been collecting the money from the donation cans in town for many years and asked if anyone else would like to continue doing it.  Kate offered.  Barbara and Joan will put a list of where the donation cans are.
-  Jim mentioned needing to find a place for the two canal stone markers.
- Jean R. wants a booklet put together for veterans who lived in RB at any time.  The current memorial is only for veterans who lived in RB when they left to service.  It was discussed that a different group is responsible for the memorial.
-  Jean R. discussed the need for RB history education in schools.

·       Close at 11:19am 

        Members in Attendance:

Jim Hurley                                                       Tom Slockbower                                      Barbara Koch

Kate Lynch                                                      James Allen

Arnold Benard                                                Bob Edwards                                              Ken Lattig

Joan Mill                                                          Joan Jackson

Jean Reuter                                                     Beth Witanek                                              Deb Tanzola                                                                                          

REGULAR MEETING MINUTES Feburary  16,2019 10:00am

·       Induction of New Officers by Sam Saporite

·       Committee Reports:  

Treasurer:   Account Fund Balance as of January 30, 2019=$8,552.38
Barbara Koch was on vacation but had put together a worksheet of all deposits and deductions to bank account if anyone wanted to view

 Museum Curator:
Jimmy Allen reported that museum would be open next weekend and one more volunteer was needed for Saturday.  Kate Lynch volunteered.

Jimmy talked about options for our next Ornament, reminding us that it’s the 125thanniversary of Rockaway Boro’s incorporation.  Options discussed were Trolley on Main St. at center of town, Pot Belly’s/ Aricos. 

Jimmy mentioned our stock of ornaments left over each year and said that 96 ornaments seems to be the least amount we can purchase from any vendor.

Jimmy knows someone who has some historical pictures he’d like to make 
copies of.  Tom S. suggested a max of $70 to reprint photos.  It was unanimously passed.

Barb found the special clips to hang pictures from the system in the museum. 

Sheila Siefert agreed to post the museum opening day/time on the board outside of Boro Hall the week prior to our being open.

Jim H mentioned that he had two requests through the website for our collectible books.

Corresponding Secretary: N/A Barb was on vacation 


Jim H nominated Kate L as recording secretary and it was approved.

·       Museum:  Museum Coverage Schedule; February, March, April

Jimmy A said February was covered but we need more volunteers for March and April

·       2019 Committee Appointments:

Jim H proposed three Committee and their appointments to start.
1 - Article VI- “C” Facilities– Jim H and Tom S.
2 - Article VI-“E” Museum Maintenance and Control-  Jim A, Tom S, Barb K and Jim H

3 - Article VI- “J” By-Laws Committee – Joyce K, Kate L, Barb K and Sam S (as needed only)

All appointments unanimously approved

·       2019 Memorial Day Parade -RBHC Participation-Updates

The parade is 5/27/19

Deb T said letters/invitation to organizations asking their participation will be sent out shortly.  If anyone has any specific organizations they want included, let her know.

A suggestion was made to send a letter to the couple who owns a Rockaway Carriage asking them to participate. There was discussion about the carriage being either first or last in the parade

A suggestion was made to send a letter to Peter Hoppler since he volunteers his side car motorcycle every year, letting a RBHC rep ride with him, holding our flag.

A suggestion was made to send a letter to Trend Motors who may supply cars for all vets who are not able to walk the parade route.

A suggestion was also made to send a letter to the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts

A float committee was proposed of Jim A, Tom S and Jim H.  

Jim A offered the use of his trailer for our float

·       Purchase of Museum Glass Display Cases-Update

Tom S found two display cases and will be going to pick them up tomorrow with Jim H and Scott H.

·       Trolley Trail Project- Update
Joyce K said project is at Borough Council level now for Budget consideration.  This is considered Phase 2.
Joyce K said project was discussed in Redevelopment planned to enhance historic value of Rockaway Borough

Joyce K said there are 3 phases to the project, phase one being complete
Phase 1 – Surveys  - this was paid by donation from RBHC and grant from ??
Phase 2 – Need $24k in budget for engineers design and permitting.  County wants to see our town have “skin in the game” to build the foot bridge or won’t accept grant proposal
Phase 3 – Construction of footbridge, approximately $50k 

It was suggested that we have another wetlands engineer look at footbridge construction.

·       2019 Activities and Projects

It was suggested to bring up Boroughs anniversary at Budget meeting
Suggestions are needed for fundraising – possible placemats with RB restaurants on them?

Jean R  mentioned that we need RB historical education in our schools.

·       Open floor for member comments, and/or historical reflections

Jim H said all members should have t-shirts to wear at events
A suggestion was made to loan eating establishments in town pictures for their walls to showcase the towns history and the RBHC 

It was suggested that a thank you letter be sent to Jeri Hurley for selling ornaments at Winter Wonderland in December.

Rockaway Day is Sunday, Sept 15, 12-5

Rockaway River Cleanup is Saturday, March 23rd

Sam S offered to contribute carvings made by Veterans to the museum
Deb T had a picture of the original MHHS rifle range to share.
Tom S mentioned that we had flags posted on Main St. for our 100thanniversary and was hoping we could do something like that again for our 125th. He suggested there are companies we can rent flags from.

Joyce K asked if any members were free next Saturday, Feb 23rdat 9am, if they could attend the Budget Meeting by the Borough Council.  The Trolley Project will be discussed in hopes of securing funds to move forward.

·       Meeting adjourned at 11:42am

Members in Attendance

Jim Hurley   Kate Lynch  Joyce Kanigel  James Allen    Arnold Benard   Bob Edward  Ken Lattig    Joan Jackson  Jean Reuter   Sam Saporite                        Deb Tanzola     Beth Witanek 

REGULAR MEETING MINUTES   March 23, 2019  10:00am   


·       9:58am Call to Order; Flag Salute-Moment of Silence for Departed Past Members
·       Approval of Minutes from February 16th Meeting
Resolution: Passed
·       Committee Reports: 
-       As of 2/28/19 the balance in our account is $7,733.38
-       Includes 2 checks for cabinet purchase
-       Jim H. asked Barbara  K. to put together a 1Q internal audit review
-       Kate L. gave Barbara K. $22.28 collected from Smiths donation can
 Museum Curator:
-       Museum is open this weekend
-       Joan M can’t make it today so Ken L will sub
-       Joan J will be there Sunday
-       Jimmy A discussed the picture for the ornament with is our anniversary year.  He suggested the trolley in the center of town. We need to order a minimum of 96/$754.00.
-       It was mentioned that our inaugural ornament in 2000 was the Rockaway Carriage.  Our anniversary ornament should be symbolic of our town.
-       Jim H mentioned that we have a longer window for sale of the ornament this year because it’s an anniversary year and residents are more likely to display it longer than just the holiday season.
-       Tom S will check with Nickel printing for pricing to possible switch vendors for the ornaments
-       Chief Pepperman donated a very old badge and billy stick
-       Chief Pepperman said he will post the museum open dates on his Facebook page
Corresponding Secretary:
-       An email was received through our website asking about the canary factory. Barbara K replied three times but received no response. 
-       Morris Hills HS is featuring an article in the Hilltoper on the Morris Hills Regional District
-       Tony G suggested we post any emails received and responses on our website for all to see.  If one person is asking, others must be interested as well.
-       Jim H mentioned that we need to encourage new membership.  There are currently two people who expressed interest in joining.
-       Barbara K said the new “Open “ sign for the museum window will be completed for April open dates.
-       FYI for all – the Rockaway Twp Historical Society has an open house at the Ford Faesch House on May 4thfrom 12-3. If someone wants to head this event, they will have a table for us to display some historical items.  There is no selling on this day, only display. Tony G offered to lead this.
Facilities and Museum Maintenance and Control Committee:
-       Jimmy A said the saw blade needs to be hung as a summer project.
-       One new cabinet is set up and it looks great
-       Tom S. found a volunteer group to pain the railings and put mulch in the gardens
-       SubCommitte of Museum Maintenance – “Donation Committee” – Jimmy A knows who donated the Navy blanket and a letter needs to be sent; thank you and that the donation was accepted.
By-Laws Committee:
-       Jim H suggested posting by-laws on the website
-       Wants first pass of the by-laws completed in 2Q
·       Museum:  Museum Coverage Schedule; March, April, May
Resolution (y) (n) topic discussed:
-       March is covered, one person is needed for April and May needs coverage both days
-       Suggestion was made to move our meeting ahead one week from 5/25 to 5/18 so that it’s not on the holiday weekend.
-       The museum will still be open 
·       2019 Memorial Day Parade -RBHC Participation-Updates 
Resolution (y) (n) topic discussed:
-       Tom S and Deb T  gave an update, Christina Scalzo attended meeting as well:
-       Association meetings are the first Tuesday of the month
-       Parade meeting not set yet
-       Jimmy A knows people who own classic cars and can reach out to them about driving in the parade
-       Tom S reminded us that in 1994 American flags lined Main Street.  Two individuals are donating 50 flags to line Main Street.
-       Tom S discussed renting bunting for stops along the parade route; library, river, church.  He will find out the cost.
-       Arnie B suggested that the RBHC and the Fireman Assn should donate funds to rent bunting
-       Tom S is heading the float committee – he suggested using Jimmy A’s trailer and putting bunting around it and display our flag on it.  
-       Barbara K said she would reach out to the couple who own a Rockaway Carriage,  but needed to be able to tell them how much time is expected.  
- Parade lineup begins at 10am for 11am stepoff.
- Carriage does not need to stay for ceremony at church so they would be done around noon.
-       There are bands scheduled to participate but we need a chorus – Tony G suggested asking his daughters music school – Gateway to the Arts may agree to sing at ceremony. 
·       Museum Glass Display Cases-Update
Resolution (y) (n) topic discussed:
-       Jim H, Scott H and Tom S transported two cabinets to the museum from North Jersey.
-       They did a great job – the cabinets are commercial grade in great shape
-       One cabinet is set up.  Things will be moved around to set up the second cabinet and make the flow better and gain more floor space
·       Trolley Trail Project –Update
Resolution (y) (n) topic discussed:
-       Joyce K said another quote for the foot bridge will be needed
-       The Boro council allotted funds in the budget for the project
-       Joyce K discussed the bioswale at Park Lake
-       It was suggested that a historic marker or panel be installed at the Park Lake showing where/giving history of, the ice house
-       The environmental committee wants fundraising for bioswale and we are hoping for donations
-       Christina S suggested we get the Green Acres Project involved because they will help maintain the bioswale
-       Joyce K asked if the RBHC could be a custodian of funds for the Bioswale committee and then donate it back when it’s needed.
- We need to confirm whether it’s legal for us to accept donations for the “historic preservation of Fox Pond” for bioswale.
- Barbara K suggested we create a receipt for the donations and since all disbursements are done by resolution (vote) it’s all in the minutes.
·       2019 Activities and Projects: Memorial Day, National Night Out, Fall Town-wide Garage Sale, Celebrate Rockaway Day, Holiday Arts and Crafts events
Resolution (y) (n) topic discussed:
-       Barbara K will inventory the ornaments
·       Open floor for member comments, and/or historical reflections
-       Jimmy A suggested we need a Rockaway Borough book for “Images of America” as other towns do. Discussion continued about how the books being copy righted so we have no say in what text or pictures end up in the final product.  
-       Joyce K mentioned that the county gave a presentation about this kind of book a few years ago and will look for the details
-       Tony G has a bag he found in a wall of his previous home from Strait and Freeman.  He will donate to the museum.
-       There was discussion about the possible purchase of a fully restored Rockaway Carriage but there was a question about the price.  It looks like it’s being offered at $1500 but that doesn’t seem right.  We are wondering if it should be $15000? 
-       Jim H suggested we do away with “loans” of historical items and only allow “gifts” to us.  There is too much liability when an item is on loan.  If an item is very valuable, we need to have a rider added to the RB insurance policy.
-       Joan M’s husband, Ed kept meticulous records and may be a good place to find information about RB.
·       Close-Motion to adjourn at 11:44am 
Members in Attendance:  Jim Hurley, Tom Slockbower, Barbara Koch, Kate Lynch, Joyce Kanigel, James Allen, Arnold Benard, Tony Gebbia, Ken Lattig, Joan Jackson, Beth Witanek, Sam Saporite, Deb Tanzola                   Next Meeting Saturday, April 27, 2019 
REGULAR MEETING MINUTES   April 27, 2019  10:00am
·      9:56am Call to Order; Flag Salute-Moment of Silence for Departed Past Members
·       Approval of Minutes from March 23, 2019
·      Committee Reports: 
-       As of 4/27/2019 the balance in our account is $7733.88
-       1Q internal audit review- Status?
- Barb K and Beth W will co-ordinate a meeting time
-       Museum Curator:
-       There are no volunteers for Saturday. Jimmy A asked for volunteers: Jean R and Ken L volunteered.
-       Sunday hours are covered
-       Arnie B suggested opening the museum the weekend before Memorial Day.  Sam S made a motion to move museum hours to weekend of 5/18 & 5/19, mentioning that Armed Forces Day is 5/18.  Motion approved
-       Kate L volunteered for 5/18, Joan M volunteered for 5/19
-       There was discussion about not having museum hours in July and August, but adding to website that we would be open by appointment only.  Sam S made a motion and it was unanimously approved.  
-       Arnie B asked if we plan to do anything for July 4th.  Jim H asked to table that discussion until next meeting when Tom S will be in attendance.
-       Museum donation presented to us by the Rockaway, Marcella, Denville Association:  Edmund Halsey’s address at the monument dedication and his journal.  We will add a comment card stating who the donation was from before we display it at the museum.
Corresponding Secretary:
-       Barb K said we had a donation last August for two Memorial Bricks that have been held waiting for 3 more.  Usually these are done in a bulk lot of 5 bricks.  Barb K suggested we look into having the bricks made now so we don’t keep the families waiting any longer.
-       Barb K said the winner from last year’s Rockaway Day raffle is from Denville.  Along with their prize, she will give them a list of meeting dates and encourage them to join our historical committee. 
-       Rockaway Hardware left slide locks for the old cabinets in our mailbox at the museum. Barb K will send them a check.
Facilities and Museum Maintenance and Control Committee:
-       Tom S was not in attendance but Jim H gave an update.
-       In the last month, the divider wall by the desk was removed and one display case was moved. 
-       A volunteer group from the church was at the museum today to paint the railing and mulch the beds.
By-Laws Committee:
-       Jim H wants first pass of the by-laws completed by end of 2Q
-       Joyce K will be central file holder
-       Jim H wants a few things specifically looked at:
- leadership term verbiage
  - how do we refill a position for balance of term if someone can’t fulfill the term.  
  - Is this considered a big change or a small change (for IRS purposes).  Will need general procedures for refill process
-       Number of officers
-       Committee members
-       Can we wrap some committees together
-       Multiple office holders by an individual
·      Museum:  Museum Coverage Schedule;  April, May, June
Resolution (y) (n) topic discussed:
·      2019 Federal and State Tax Filing 
- Confirm who is supposed to file?  By-laws say Treasurer, so Joyce K needs to show Barb K what needs to be done.  
- Confirm when filing needs to be completed by – June ??
·      2019 Memorial Day Parade -RBHC Participation-Final Plans             Resolution (y)  (n) topic discussed:
- Deb T gave update: 
- Rockaway Twp has a military jeep decorated with banners
- we have bunting
- Rockaway Carriage replica is currently in MA. Owners are having an issue with transport to NJ.  The carriage may not be here for the parade.
- We have a side car motorcycle to represent the RBHC.  A volunteer is needed to ride the side car.  Joan J volunteered.
- Jimmy A is donating his trailer for the parade.  It will be decorated with a banner and the RBHC flag.
- Flags were purchased and donated to Rockaway Borough that  - these will line the street for the parade.
- Barb K will co-ordinate making sure all members have t-shirts 
·      2019 Ornament Commemorating 125 year anniversary of Rockaway Boro  
-Tom S went to Nichols Printing for a quote on ornaments.
  - Qty 100/$6.33ea, 150/$5.75ea, 250/$5.16ea
  - Glass ornaments, one color ink, free shipping, $60 set up fee
  - Ornaments are made in China
- Jimmy A’s quote from ABC Printing is Qty 96/$754 ($7.85ea)
  - Ornaments are made in U.S.A.
- Three options for photo on ornament were discussed:  Trolley in Town Center, Trolley coming up into town center from West, War Memorial (dated 1892).  The land for the War Memorial was deeded to the towns’ people, not the town. 
- Deb T suggested taking a picture of the monument and flag at the RBPL.
- There was discussion about this being the 125thanniversary of Rockaway Borough and the 150thanniversary of the parade – do we want to combine the two events on one ornament since they chronologically fall in the same year?
- Can we fit two pictures on one ornament?
- Sam S knows someone (JJ??) who has a picture that commemorates the military, the parade and the local people.
- It was suggested that anyone bring a photo to the next meeting that they may want considered to be on the ornament.
- Jim H talked about everyone needing to sell a quota of ornaments because we have such a large inventory
- Barb K mentioned doing a current inventory of ornaments, books, etc
- Kate L said she would ask TJ/Lincoln/Superintendent if they would include the list in any newsletters they send out
- Deb T asked if we are allowed to sell ornaments at Town Hall
- There are three issues we need resolved: 1. Image 2. What vendor to use and 3. Price point moving forward
·      Open floor for member comments, and/or historical reflections
- Jim H welcomed new member MaryBeth Auriemma 
- Beth W mentioned the Rockaway Twp celebration at the Ford Faesch House on May 4th, asking if anyone was representing RBHC, but no one volunteered.
- Deb T said Salon Secrets asked her if their building was ever a brothel.  Members mentioned it was a bar and then a meat market, but no one had heard of it ever being a brothel.
- Arnie B mentioned we may want to think about reproducing Edmund Halsey’s printed 1892 War Monument dedication speech to sell.  Jim H suggested discussing at the next meeting.
·      Close-Motion to adjourn at 11:28am 
Members in Attendance:   Jim Hurley,      Barbara Koch,  Kate Lynch, James Allen, Arnold Benard, Ken Lattig,  Joan Jackson, Beth Witanek,            Sam Saporite, Deb Tanzola,  Jean Reuter,  Bob Edwards, MaryBeth Auriemma 
Next Meeting Saturday, May,  18 2019

REGULAR MEETING MINUTES   May 18, 2019 10:00am
·        10:00am Call to Order; Flag Salute-Moment of Silence for Departed Past Members
·       Jim H mentioned that the website has been loading slowly for him. Asked if we could try to load and see if it’s just him or a problem with the website.
·      Approval of Minutes from April 27th Meeting
·      Committee Reports:  
·      Treasurer -
- Current bank balance as of April 30, 2019: $ 7,168.38
- Barb K mentioned that we received a check and request for two memorial bricks last year.  Person was told we usually only do a bulk order of 5 at a time so would hold check/request.  Said we need to look into getting the two done so not holding check any longer.
- Barb K said Jimmy A usually gets a check from RBHC and pays in cash.  Process should be changed to him getting an invoice and paying the invoice total.
- Motion made to pay $4 to Jimmy A to reprint pictures and make a key for 
Barb K: Unanimously approved.
 Museum Curator - 
- Jimmy A said museum will be open today and tomorrow from 1-3. Both days have coverage.
- Reminder that RB Teacher Tour for grades K-8 will be late August, early September.
Corresponding Secretary
Facilities, Museum Maintenance and Control Committee - 
- Tom S said volunteers were cleaning up flower beds and painting the railing at the museum. 
- Tom S said we still need to figure out what to do with the canal stone
- The second showcase cabinet move to it’s final location is still in process.
-Lynn M from The Garden Club is very interested in a co-op project to possibly place the canal stone in the flower bed between Ava’s Cupcakes and Lusardi’s Gym. It was discussed that we could put a plaque by the stone to explain its history.
- Arnie B asked if it was possible to get a grant for the stone plaques.  Arnie B and Joyce K volunteered to look into it.
- Jim H will informally confirm that it’s OK to put the stone in that flower bed
- Jimmy A mentioned that there was a discussion with Tom D’Onofrio to put one stone in front of the museum.  Jimmy A said we need to confirm with Tom D on where he found the stones.
-  Jim H wants to move stone placement to a high priority. Said we need a committee for Stone movement/placement – Committee will be Tom S, Joyce K and Sam S.
- Tom S found a grinding stone in the river. He’s not sure where it came from – said we can possibly put that in the flowerbed at the museum.
- It was mentioned that Rob O’Conner has mentioned the possibility of putting security cameras on museum for parking lot coverage.
By-Laws Committee: 
Museum:  Museum Coverage Schedule;  
     - May, June (Museum closed July-August)
2018 Federal and State Tax Filing
    - Barb K and Joyce K working on this.  Jim H recognized them for their hard work
Flag Request from Rockaway Garden Club
– Jimmy A previously gave Garden Club 20 flags. From our stock at the museum, he will keep 15 and give Garden Club remainder.
Telcom Services at Museum  
- Jim H approves all RB Council bills - said Cablevision bill for museum is about $220/month but not sure why we are paying this. It was discussed that internet, etc service was probably set up back when Carol Johnson had Recreation Committee office at museum. Jim H made a motion to cancel this service – Unanimously approved
Memorial Day Parade
- Deb T said RB is Division 1, #7 in lineup. We are behind Militia Color Guard and in front of jeep.  We should be there by 10:15am.  Mayor and Council are #3 in lineup.
- The float – Jimmy A’s trailer is being transformed.  Tom S is adding 4 panels.  A banner to honor the fallen will be added.  Mannequins with uniforms will be standing in the trailer.  Jimmy A to pull trailer with his truck. 
- There will be 3 buglers at the cemetery playing Taps
- Jim H asked who will be marching
National Night Out, Fall Town-wide Garage Sale, Celebrate Rockaway Day, Holiday Arts and Crafts events – 
Current Inventory of Ornaments, Shirts, Books and Fundraising items
- Barb K and Deb T inventoried our stock. We have 496 ornaments, 7 mugs and 52 t-shirts.   We have a large quantity of the firetruck ornaments.
-  Kate L is putting together a flyer to TJ and Lincoln principals to add to their monthly newsletters.
- Barb K suggested Christmas in July at St. Peter and Paul Church
- Arnie B suggested a flat fee of $8 for any ornament
- Tony G suggested bundling similarornamentstogether for a discount
- Sam S suggested using the bundle at events in town
- Jim H suggested possibility of selling fridge magnets or coasters
- Arnie B suggested the possibility of donating $1 from sale of every ornament
- Sam S said Sacred Heart Church has Coffee Hour with parishioners.  One of RBHC could attend and promote sale of ornaments.
2019 Ornament  - Fundraiser plans, Graphic Selection, Vendor selection
- Jim H asked for leader(s) to head the sale of ornaments.  Arnie B will chair and Tony G and Sam S will help.  Jim H asked for this to be added to our regular meeting agendafor status updates.
- Arnie B suggested sending out a postcard mailer for outreach.  Can have picture on front and meeting dates and time on back.
- Sam S has a possible picture for ornament – 1915 RB Fife & Drum band marching in uniform on Church St. Jim H wondered how it would look when shrunk down to an ornament
- Tom S made a motion to delay decision on next ornament until fundraiser subcommittee can address RBHC on how to handle stock at museum before ordering more: Unanimously approved.
- Jim H suggested possibly using the memorial by the RBPL for our ornament
- Jim H said we need to actively pursue ways to increase our income
Open floor for member comments, and/or historical reflections
- Tony G had his students make coasters with our logo when practicing for a large order they have.  He had one for each member.
- Joyce K mentioned the Civil War commemoration on 5/25 at 1pm
- Barb K – someone asked her to identify a medal – it was suggested she reach out to Dover Masonic
Meeting Close at 11:39pm
Members in Attendance:
Jim Hurley, Joyce K, Barbara Koch, Kate Lynch, Jean R, James Allen, Sam S, 
Joan M, Tom S, Deb T, Arnie B, Bob E,  Marybeth A, Beth W, Tony G 
Next Meeting Saturday, June 22, 2019 


June 22, 2019            10:01am

·      Call to Order; Flag Salute-Moment of Silence for Departed Past Members

·      Approval of Minutes from May 18th Meeting, motion by Sam S, 2ndby Tony G

·      Committee Reports: 

Treasurer – Barb K
- Current Balance as of May 31, 2019  : $ 7,206.68
- Read current audit review results: 1/1/18-12/31/18 and 1/1/19-5/31/19
- Mentioned that Janet Graner sent in a donation in honor of Jean R’s 95thbirthday

- Museum Curator – Jimmy A
- Confirmed museum coverage for Saturday: Sam S and Joan J, for Sunday: MaryBeth A and Arnie B.
- Confirmed that the museum will only be open by appointment in July and August
- Coverage will be needed for September through December

-Corresponding Secretary – Barb K
- The two bricks that had been requested last year were completed.  Barb took a picture of the bricks in relation to the monument and enclosed them with Thank You letters.
- There was one website request for a photo of Katherine D. Malone. Barb suggested they contact the RT Historical Society

-Facilities, Museum Maintenance and Control Committee – Tom S
- Volunteers completed mulching flower beds and painting railings
- We will have a lot more open cabinet space when the 2ndnew cabinet is moved into place.
- Break-ins around town – make sure museum alarm is armed
- Maple Ave and Smith Field had security cameras installed, there is possibility of cameras being installed at museum/Donatoni Field
- There was discussion about placing the grinding wheel at the museum
- There was discussion about the missing Donation Box
-By-Laws Committee
- Barb K has draft of By-Laws with changes and will send to committee to discuss
- Joyce K said we need to start with the version approved by the IRS


·      2019 Federal and State Tax Filing – update

Discussion:    Form 990 is done. Joyce K and Barb K are working on the State Charity Form

·      2018 Audit Review


Motion to Accept 2018 Financial Audit results: Motion by Sam S;

Second by_Jim__________.  Accepted: Yes
- Sam S volulnteered for next audit committee
- Barb K read recommendations by the committee: Reduce paperwork, need a vendor invoice whenever possible, no reimbursement request is needed if have invoice.

·      Telcom Services at Museum-update

Discussion:    Resolution needed: (Y)/(N)
- Jim H cancelled internet/tv/video
- Alarm is linked directly to Police Station
- Since there is no phone service any longer, someone should always have a cell phone. Jim H explained where the panic button is on the alarm in case it’s needed.

·      2019 Memorial Day Parade -RBHC Review

Discussion:    Resolution needed: (Y)/(N)
- THANK YOU to Tom S, Barb K, Jimmy A, Deb T
- Tom S is spearheading parade for next year for RB and RT to be together.  It would be the first time this happened since the RB/RT split in 1894.

·      Placement of Morris Canal Stones - collaboration with Garden Club

Discussion:    Resolution needed: (Y)/(N)

-- Canal stones were placed in flower bed between Ava’s Cupcakes and Lusardi’s
- Garden Club very happy with collaboration in placing canal stones. Next step is some kind of plaque/interactive panel. Joyce K suggested the possibility of getting a grant for it because that is starting point of upper basin.

·      Fundraiser plans; 2019-2020

Discussion:    Resolution needed: (Y)/(N)
Committee is Arnie B, Sam S and Tony G:
- There was much discussion on how to price our stock of collectibles so they would sell.  Sam S made motion to accept new pricing as of July 1: Vote passed as follows:  
-Ornaments:  when purchase bulk ornaments, first ornament is $10 and each additional in same transaction is $5.
- T-shirts:  purchase any size $10.00.  Purchase multiple shirts as one transaction pay $10.00 for the first $5.00 for each additional
- Pricing of mugs and books stays as is
- There was discussion of a possible giveaway fundraiser that the committee will look into.
- Motion made by Tony G and 2ndby Tom S to attend St. Peter & Paul Christmas in July on July 20th. Cost is $30 for the table.  Arnie B, Kate L, Barb K and Joan J volunteered to work our table.
- There was discussion about partnering with the Recreation Committee which will be discussed further.
- There was discussion by Tony G about the students in his school making ornaments and or collectibles.  He will get pricing and samples for next meeting.
- Jim H suggested the possibility of making a refrigerator magnet
- Sam S suggested having mini sales events by attending church events, Park Lakes Gazebo concerts and other events with our wares.

·      2019 Activities and Projects: National Night Out,Fall Town-wide GarageSaleCelebrate Rockaway Day, Holiday Arts and Crafts events

Discussion:    Resolution needed: (Y)/(N)

National Night Out is August 6th6-9pm
- Kate L volunteered
- Jim H will RSVP

Town Wide Yard Sale will be Oct 5thwith Oct 12thrain date
- Kate L made motion, Sam S seconded – passed unanimously
- Need PR for event

Celebrate Rockaway Day is September 15th

·      Open floor for member comments, and/or historical reflections

·      Close Motion to close at  11:47am
Next Meeting Saturday July 27th, 2019

 Jim H   , MaryBeth A , Arnie B, Joyce K,Tony G, Tom S,  Jean R,  Joan M, Ken L

Joan J, Jimmy A, Sam S, Beth W, Kate L, Barb K


July 27, 2019
• 10:05 a.m. Meeting called to Order by Vice President, Tom S.; Flag Salute and Moment of Silence for Departed Past Members
• Approval of Minutes from June 22nd Meeting: Motion by Kate L, seconded by Jim A; all in favor.
• Committee Reports:
Treasurer –not present, nothing to report
- Current Balance as of June 30, 2019: $7,156.68
- Museum Curator – Jimmy A. – nothing new to report; reminder that July and August is by appointment.
-Corresponding Secretary –not present
-Facilities, Museum Maintenance and Control Committee – Tom S advised that the alarm has been fixed.
-By-Laws Committee – nothing to report
• Museum: Museum Coverage Schedule: July-August by appointment
• 2019 Federal and State Tax Filing – no one present
• Telcom Services/Security Alarm issues at Museum: Tom S said town replaced unit in museum basement. This seems to have fixed the problem.
• Review of Christmas in July Fundraiser on 6/22 at St. Peter & Paul Church- there was a very low turnout of vendors and shoppers. We made $15 and will most likely not participate next year.

• Fundraising Plans for 2019-2020 – Tony G will bring samples and costs for ornaments or items we can sell to the August or September meeting.
- “To Go” box made and inventory of sale items completed

• Museum Display Cases: need to fill new display cases – Kate L and Debbie T volunteered to fill new display case and shift some items around.

• 2019 Activities and Projects:
-National Night Out: setup at 5 p.m. Program runs 6-9 p.m.
-Fall Town-wide Garage Sale: Saturday Oct. 5th, rain date of Oct. 12th. Kate L will help Tom S with advertising
Celebrate Rockaway Day – Sunday, Sep 15th.

• Open floor for member comments, and/or historical reflections:
-Jean R. suggested we need historical education in the schools
-It was suggested we create a Historical Education Committee. Discussion followed. Tony G, Kate L, Tom S and Jean R are interested in being part of the committee.
-It was suggested that we partner with Rockaway Twp. Historical Committee at their 2x/year presentation.
-It was suggested we have one topic each meeting to discuss or learn about
-It was suggested that the list of all members, and only active members be printed and available to anyone who needs it.
• Close Motion to close at : 10:50 a.m.
Next Meeting Saturday August 24, 2019
Tom S., Ken L., Jean R., Jimmy A., Debbie T., Beth W., Kate L., Tony G.

 REGULAR MEETING MINUTES August 24, 2019            

·       Approval of Minutes from July 27. Meeting, motion by : Sam S, seconded by Tom S., all if favor

·       Committee Reports: 

Treasurer –on Vacation, not present at meeting:
- Current Balance as of July 31, 2019: $7126.68

- Museum Curator – Jimmy A

§           Re-arranging of cabinets not complete

§            Discussion about museum hours

-Corresponding Secretary – On Vacation not present

-Facilities, Museum Maintenance and Control Committee – 
Tom S – nothing new to report
-By-Laws Committee
No one in attendance


·       Museum: Museum Coverage Schedule: September-October
- Sam S and Tony G volunteered for 9/28
- Bob E and Ken L volunteered for 9/29
- 10/26 open
- Joan M and Jean R volunteered for 10/27

·       Need 2-3 Volunteers for New Teachers Museum Tour Tuesday, Aug 27
- discussion about timing (10:30-11:30)
- Barb K and Sam S volunteered
- Barb K will put together goody bags

·       Plans for Celebrate Rockaway Day Event: 
- Ad hoc vote approved at NNO to write check to pay for event
- Resolution approved for $25 fee, Sam S motion, Tom S seconded, all in favor
- Jimmy A to head event; volunteers Kate L, Tom S, Sam S, Arnie B, Joan J, Barb K, Joan M
- Meeting at museum at 11:30a.m. to load up
- discussion about receiving a flag upon purchase

·       2019 Federal and State Tax Filing – 

-Joyce K and Barb K completed and filed state form in early August.
- Resolution appr to pay $60 fee state said owed for prior year.  Joan J made motion, Sam S seconded, all in favor

·       Fundraiser plans; 2019-2020
- Jim H suggested a need to get generate ideas
- Arnie B to follow up with Tony G regarding his students making collectible
-Suggestion about baseball hats with logo
-Suggestion about fridge magnet with Firehouse? Or logo?

·       Museum Exhibit Display Cases-
- Deb T and Kate L suggested acquiring a male mannequin to display the Donatoni uniform
- Tom S suggested possibility of free mannequins from mall stores

·       Museum Inventory-need a committee to catalogue artifacts in museum

-       Kate L following up with Girl Scouts regarding doing inventory/cataloging

·       2019 Activities and Projects: Fall Town-wide GarageSaleCelebrate Rockaway Day, Holiday Arts and Crafts events

Celebrate Rockaway Day is September 15th– 1p.m. – 5 p.m
Town Wide Yard Sale will be Oct 5thwith Oct 12thrain date
- Tom S suggested it was time for new advertising lawn signs.  
- Resolution approved for $55 limit, Motion by Sam S, Kate L seconded, allin favor
- Volunteers: Sam S, Jim H, Kate L to meet at museum by 7 a.m. to sell maps.

St Peter and Paul’s Holiday Craft Fair
- Saturday 12/7 from 9 a.m. – Noon
- Resolution to pay $20 to reserve table, Sam S motion, seconded and approved by all

·       Open floor for member comments, and/or historical reflections
- Bob E told about how Donatoni mill had people from the South come up to work at mill for $1/hr
- 19630-1970’s Donatoni purchased a German mill, brought from someone on NY State.

·       Close Motion to close at : 11:34 a.m.
Next Meeting Saturday September 28,  2019


Jim H, Ken L, Jean R, Jimmy A, Tom S, Debbie T, Joan J, Bob E, Arnie B, Sam S, Beth W, Kate L

REGULAR MEETING MINUTES  September 28, 2019            

·       10:02a.m. – Meeting called to Order; Flag Salute-Moment of Silence for Departed Past Members

·       Approval of Minutes from August 24 Meeting

·       Committee Reports: 

Treasurer –- Current Balance as of August 31, 2019: $7,184.68

- Museum Curator – Jimmy A – September and October museum covered

-Corresponding Secretary – 

-Facilities, Museum Maintenance and Control Committee – No update
-By-Laws Committee – no update


·       Town-Wide Garage Sale: Saturday October 5  

-43 homes participating to date
-expecting a few more
-Tuesday (10/1) is hard cutoff to be listed on map
-discussion regarding taking last minute applications and listing homes on separate sheet

·       Need 2-3 Volunteers for 4th Grade Students Museum Tour Oct 16,17,18
- Jim H to be there all three days, Barb K on 16th/17th, Kate L on 18th

·       Review  Celebrate Rockaway Day Event

-$347.00 profit 

·       Fundraiser plans; 2019-2020
-Tony G:  has drafts of ornaments, is still looking into baseball hats
- discussion about tee shirt/hat combo
-discussion about Assembly of God Church ornament. Follow up with Pastor Rick to see if parishioners interest
-discussion about Tony’s kids making keychain and ceramic ornament
Resolution Needed: (Y), all in favor for 25 keychains and 25 ornaments
-Tony G to follow up on magnet

·       Museum Exhibit Improvements; Current Improvements-Future Plans

-Debbie T discussed improvements, changes and updates that were completed
-Motion made for Tom S to spend up to $100 on a male mannequin. Motion made by Arnie B, seconded by Jimmy A, unanimously approved 

·       Duplicate “Cat’s Meow” Items – Offer to Active Members
- Resolution Needed: (Y)
-Jim H made resolution to offer duplicate Cat’s Meow items to active members for donation purchase. Barb K seconded, unanimously approved                                      

·       Museum Inventory-need a committee to catalogue artifacts in museum

No discussion

·       2019 Activities and Projects: Fall Town-wide Garage Sale, St Peter and Paul Holiday Craft Fair ,Holiday Arts and Crafts Sale at Museum in December

Resolution Needed: (Y)
-Received letter for St. Peter and Paul Holiday Craft Fair offering $20 fee for vendor table instead of $30 if purchased early.  Arnie B made motion, Jimmy A seconded, unanimously approved.

·       Open floor for member comments, and/or historical reflections
-discussion about possible public event by Reaction Motors historian
-Debbie T presented anonymous donation of 1950’s RBFD leather helmet
-Discussion regarding putting together a list of all companies in RB that contributed to economic development (ie. McKinnon, Reaction Motors, RCA, Stapling Machines)
-Jean R wants to create a RB trivia game – possible trivia night? “How Much Do You Really Know About the Borough Of Rockaway?”. Questions by Jean R, Bob E and Ken L
-Need to get high school kids involved in Borough History –to be discussed at later date

·       Close 11:33 a.m.

·       Resolution by:            Second by:

·       Next Meeting Saturday October 26, 2019

MEMBERS IN ATTENDANCE: Jim H, Ken L,  Jean R, Jimmy A,  Barb K,  Kate L,  Debbie T,   Arnie B,   Bob E,  Beth W,  Tony G



·       10:00a.m. – Meeting called to Order; Flag Salute-Moment of Silence for Departed Past Members.  Welcome to new member Harry Kanigel.

·       Approval of Minutes from September 28th Meeting 

·       Committee Reports: 

Ø  Treasurer –- Current Balance as of September 30, 2019: $7,496.68

·       Deposit from town wide yard sale and donation cans still needs to be made

Ø  Museum Curator – J. Allen

·       October museum days are covered, need November

·       New photos need to be framed, J. Allen asked for approval to purchase approx. 2 dozen 8x10 frames; T. Slockbower made motion to approve up to $175 on new frames, K. Lynch seconded, all in favor

Ø  -Corresponding Secretary – B. Koch

·       M. Burnside needs letter of endorsement for Trolley Trail for Health Community Grant. Motion made, all in favor

Ø  -Facilities, Museum Maintenance and Control Committee – T. Slockbower

·       No hot water at museum.  New hot water heater ready for installation

Ø  -By-Laws Committee – 

·       J. Hurley suggested shelving until 1Q 2020, motion made by D. Tanzola, seconded, and all in favor.  Committee consists of J. Hurley, 
T. Slockbower, B. Koch, S. Saporite and A. Bernard

Ø  Town-Wide Garage Sale: Saturday October 5 –recap

·       45 homes participated, 51 maps sold. Total profit (less purchase of signs) $447.  Last year’s profit was $464.

Ø  4th Grade Students Museum Tour Oct 16,17,18-recap

·       J. Hurley displayed thank you notes from 2nd graders.  There was a lot of positive feedback from teachers and students.

Ø  Update -new fundraiser items; Key Chain, Porcelain Ornament

·       T. Gebbia’s students made 25 keychains, 20 porcelain ornaments and 10 frosted ornaments. 

Ø  Fundraiser plans; 2019-2020

·       No committee members in attendance. 

·       Ready for St. Peter and Paul Christmas Bazar

Ø  Museum Exhibit Improvements; Future Plans

·       B. Koch to make captions for new photos

·       J. Hurley and T. Slockbower to work on installation of saw blade

·       J. Hurley to work on setup of new table, raising and attaching display case to wall

·       B. Koch to send letter to RBPL recapping their borrowing the miners lamp and asking for it’s return

·       J. Hurley suggested we put 1950’s-ish Linconln School door and old tv/record console on freecycle.  They are currently in basement of museum. All in favor.

Ø  Museum Inventory-need a committee to catalogue artifacts in museum

·       Girl Scouts a possibility

·       H. Kanigel mentioned the possibility of using an inventory software to catalog items

·       Discussion regarding donated and loaned items

Ø  2019 Activities and Projects: St Peter and Paul Holiday Craft Fair ,Holiday Arts and Crafts Sale at Museum in December

·       Volunteers for St. Peter & Paul Holiday Craft Fair; J. Hurley, J. Allen, B. Koch, J. Jackson

Ø  Open floor for member comments, and/or historical reflections

·       B. Edwards talked about Liberty Bike Co. – no one knows details about company.  Liberty Field was on Stickle Ave. across from Adams Beer Garden.  They went bankrupt about 1919.  

Ø  Close 11:13a.m.- motion by J. Allen, Seconded by D. Tanzola, all in favor

Ø  Next Meeting Saturday November 16, 2019

MEMBERS IN ATTENDANCE:J. Hurley, K. Lattig, J. Allen, B. Koch, J. Jackson, T. Gebbia,  B. Edwards,    K. Lynch T. Slockbower,  B. Witnek,  D. Tanzola,  H. Kanigel


REGULAR MEETING MINUTES  November 16, 2019            

·       10:00a.m. – Meeting called to Order; Flag Salute-Moment of Silence for Departed Past Members.  

·       Approval of Minutes from October 26 Meeting 

·       Committee Reports: 

Ø  Treasurer –- Current Balance as of October 31, 2019: $7,451.68

Ø  Museum Curator – J. Allen
- November is covered, need December coverage for museum hours

Ø  Corresponding Secretary – B. Koch
- On 10/26 B. Koch and J. Hurley sent a letter to Councilwoman M. Burnside regarding our endorsement of the trolley trail.  This was in support of the Healthy Community Grant.  Discussion ensued on the status of the county grant as well.

Ø  Facilities, Museum Maintenance and Control Committee – T. Slockbower
- New hot water heater installed

Ø  By-Laws Committee  - on hold until 1Q 2020

Ø  Fundraising Committee

Ø  St Peter and Paul Holiday Craft Fair Saturday December 7, 9a-3p:  
- Members to be at the event – J. Hurley, B. Koch, J. Allen, J. Jackson.  T. Gebbia to help set up on Friday.
- B. Koch’s daughter to make more gift bags
- Motion made by A. Bernard to display/sell gift baskets made by T. Gebbia students. All in favor


Ø  2020 Meeting Schedule- 4th Saturday of Month
- Discussion to change November to 21st and December to 19th.  All in favor.

Ø  2020 Strategic Plans: Education, Community Involvement, Activities
- J. Hurley talked about possibility of creating a Community Involvement Group with representatives from all groups in town.  Other options were discussed, and will be discussed in greater detail in the new year.

Ø  Museum Inventory-need a committee to catalogue artifacts in museum
- B. Lynch’s girl scout troop is meeting tomorrow and will discuss this task

Ø  Close at 11:25a.m  - all in favor

Ø  Next Meeting Saturday December 28th, 2019


J. Hurley,  K. Lattig,  J. Reuter,  J. Allen,  K. Lynch,   B. Edwards,  B. Koch,  B. Witanek

T. Slockbower,  M. Auriemma,  A. Bernard,  D. Tanzola,  T. Gebbia

REGULAR MEETING MINTUES         DECEMBER 28, 2018            
·       10:00am Call to Order; Flag Salute-Moment of Silence for Departed Past Members
·       Approval of Minutes from November 16 Meeting – B. Koch motion, all in favor
·       Committee Reports:
Bank balance as of 11/30/2019 is $ 8,013.39  There will be another deposit before the end of the year

Museum Curator:

Museum open and covered both days this weekend

Discussion ensued about number of frames needed and hooks for hanging 

Corresponding Secretary:

A question was submitted about a brick by the RBPL, J. Allen will follow up

A question was submitted asking if we would accept the donation of a letter written by Abraham Kitchell – all in agreement

Facilities, Museum Maintenance and Control Committee:
  • T. Slockbower found the original contract between Borough of Rockaway and the telephone company.  It will be displayed at the museum
  •  The carbide lamp was returned from the library and is displayed at the museum
  • Discussion ensued about what to do with the items in the basement of the museum
  • By-Laws Committee
  • J. Hurley tabled discussion until 1Q 2020
  • H. Kanigal asked to be added to this committee 
Fundraising Committee:
  • Discussion about possible new ornament for 2020 with minimum order of 50 pieces.  Discussion tabled until 2020
  • Discussion about having the blanket/throw for 2020
·       2019 year in review
J. Hurley discussed key events that happened throughout the year
J. Hurley discussed needing master list of events for 2020
·       Museum:  Museum Coverage Schedule: December 28-29, January 25-26
Discussion ensued about days/times that museum is open and having coverage for those days.
B. Koch will be contact/keeper for master list of museum volunteers.   Museum will be open 1 day per month for 3 hours
·       2020 Meeting Schedule- 4th Saturday of Month; 2020 
·       Museum coverage J. Hurley handed out meeting schedule for 2020
·       Museum Inventory-need a committee to catalogue artifacts in museum
K. Lynch to follow up on Girl Scouts’ schedule
·       Open floor for member comments, and/or historical reflections
Meeting guest, A. Ealey, donated an etching of Mr. Hoagland and his signature stamp that she acquired in an estate sale.  He owned home next to Sacred Heart Church. 
H. Kanigel announced a Remembrance for J. Kanigel is being planned for late spring, early summer
·       Close:  11:10 a.m.
·       Next Meeting Saturday January 25, 2020
Members in Attendance:
J. Hurley,  T. Slockbower,  B. Witnek,  J. Allen, K. Lynch, J. Allen, B. Koch, A Bernard, T, Gebbis, H. Kanigel, M.Auremia, B Edwards
·         10:00 a.m. - Flag Salute-Moment of Silence for Departed Past Members
·       Approval of Minutes from December 28th Meeting
- J. Allen motioned,  T. Slockbower seconded, all in favor
·       Committee Reports: 
ü  Treasurer – Account balance as of 12/31/2019 is $ 8,308.89
ü  Museum Curator – photo reprints were made, we are now in need of new frames.  D. Tanzola, K. Lynch and A. Bernard to review pics and number of frames that needs to be purchased.
ü  Corresponding Secretary – 
-There is a brick that was ordered before current and previous officers, that is incorrect.  RBHC will cover the cost of correcting the brick.
-A thank you letter will be sent accepting the donation of the Kitchell letter.
-There is another brick order.
ü  Facilities, Museum Maintenance and Control Committee
-Ring cabinet was sold.  Donation money will be deposited into account.
ü  By-Laws Committee
- Consists of J. Hurley, H. Kanigel, B. Koch and K. Lynch.  By-laws to be evaluated 1Q.
ü  Fundraising Committee – see below
·       Museum:  Museum Coverage Schedule
- B. Koch put schedule together for the year. 
- Alternating each month we will be open on a Saturday or Sunday from 1-4
·       2020 Strategic Plans: Education, Community Involvement, Activities
-Discussion ensued regarding events we will be participating in for the year, including Memorial Day, New Teacher Tour, 2nd Grade Tour, Rockaway Borough  Day, Town Wide Yard Sale, St. Peter & Paul bazar, and possible Car Show.
-Resolution :  Participate in Park Lake Halloween event – all in favor.
·       Fundraiser plans: 2020
-A. Bernard only committee member in attendance:
He discussed the following:   a new ornament for 2020, pens, notepad/post it.  J. Hurley asked to table discussion to review and discuss at a later date.
·       Museum Inventory-need a committee to catalogue artifacts in museum
-Waiting for Girl Scout Troop to commit to dates
·       Open floor for member comments, and/or historical reflections
-J. Reuter brought her Borough of Rockaway Quiz with her for members to take. 
·       Close at 11:22 a.m.
·       Next Meeting Saturday February 22, 2020 NOTE TIME 1:30-3:00
Members in Attendance:
J. Hurley,  J. Allen,  B. Witnek,  K. Lattig,  B. Koch,  B. Edwards, D. Tanzola
J. Reuter,  J. Jackson,  A. Bernard,  K. Lynch,  M. Auriemma,  T. Slockbower
Regular Meeting Minutes Feburary 22, 2020
·       1:31 p.m.-Call to Order; Flag Salute-Moment of Silence for Departed Past Members
·       Approval of Minutes from January 25th Meeting – B. Koch made motion, 
J. Allen seconded, all in favor
·       Committee Reports: 
ü  Treasurer 
- Bank balance as of 1/31/2020 $ 8,273.16
- J. Hurley mentioned the need to file Federal and State form soon
ü  Museum Curator
- J. Allen discussed the need to keep detailed records for donations
- Discussion ensued regarding “Donation Committee” that was previously set up.  
- Discussion ensued regarding having a display of  early 1970’s memorabilia
ü  Corresponding Secretary
- Discussion ensued regarding Cats Meow pieces
ü  Facilities, Museum Maintenance and Control Committee
- T. Slockbower discussed the cleanup of the basement of the museum
ü  By-Laws Committee – not discussed 
·       Museum:  Museum Coverage Schedule
- B. Koch completed schedule for March through December.  Any changes will be made at March meeting.
- Discussion ensued regarding finding backup if necessary
·       2020 Strategic Plans: 
- J. Hurley read list of events we will participate in or plan: Education, Community Involvement, Memorial Day Parade, National Night Out, Fall Town-wide Garage Sale, Celebrate Rockaway Day, ACC Car Show, New Teacher Museum Visitation, 2nd Grade Borough Elementary Students Museum Visit, Park lakes Halloween event,  Holiday Arts and Crafts Events
·       Fundraiser plans: 2020
- T. Gebbia discussed items his students will be able to make
- Discussion ensued regarding pens and scratch pads
   -Motion made by T. Slockbower:  H. Kanigal and B. Koch seconded the motion.  All in favor for  A. Bernard to purchase 200 pens up to $.50 each and T. Slockbower to purchase 300 notepads up to $.54 each.  
- Ornaments:  A. Bernard to request a sample with an image on it
- A. Bernard discussed RBHC Supporter buttons 
- T. Slockbower suggested RBHC Supporter stickers
- Discussion ensued to keep exploring a quilt
·       Open floor for member comments, and/or historical reflections
- J. Hurley asked for the member list to be distributed and updated.  Anyone who has not been to a meeting in 6 months will be considered a past member. 
- B. Edwards brought in some old photos of himself 
·       Meeting adjourned at 3:13p.m.
·       Next Meeting Saturday March 28th. Regular time: 10:00am
Members in Attendance:
J. Hurley, B. Koch, T. Slockbower, A. Bernard, B. Witanek , T. Gebbia, J. Allen , K. Lynch, B. Edwards, M. Auriemma, H. Kanigal,  D. Tanzola
March 28, 2020 Meeting Cancelled due to COVID19 Pandemic Execuitive order to shelter-in-place

April 25, 2020 Meeting Cancelled due to COVID19 Pandemic Execuitive order to shelter-in-place

May 23, 2020 Meeting Cancelled due to COVID10 Pandemic Execuitive order to shelter-in-place.
Regular Meeting Minutes June 27, 2020
10:01am (location: Firemen’s Field, Beach St.)
·       Call to Order; Flag Salute-Moment of Silence for Departed Past Members
·       Approval of Minutes from February 22nd Meeting: motion by B. Koch, seconded by 
B. Edwards, all in favor
·       Committee Reports: 
- Bank balance as of 3/31, 4/30 and 5/31:  $ 8,239.13
- Received refund check of $150 from RBBOE for Washington D.C. trip that did not happen due to Pandemic.
- Audit Review took place on 6/2/2020.  Members in attendance were 
B. Witnek, J. Hurley,  T. Slockbower and D. Tanzola.  There were no variances found. 
Museum Curator
- J. Allen wants to purchase frames for recently printed photos. D. Tanzola and K. Lynch need to evaluate photos for potential use before any frames purchased.
- J. Allen advised that we should expect a sample ornament for evaluation from company he contacted.
Corresponding Secretary – no correspondence to report
Facilities, Museum Maintenance and Control Committee
- Rug needs deep cleaning
- Museum needs overall cleaning
- J. Hurley advised that town is looking into fobs for all buildings instead of keys.  This will track time and person who enters.
By-Laws Committee – on hold for now.  J. Hurley advised that we can not change our policies and procedures or it could change our status as a non-profit. 
Fundraising Committee
- B. Koch to bring inventory numbers to next meeting
- Suggestion made to have a Clearance Sale of merchandise.  Details to be discussed at the next meeting.
- J. Hurley suggested gifting firetruck ornaments to RBFD so that all members have one.  T. Slockbower made motion, K. Lynch seconded, all in favor.
- D. Tanzola suggested putting post it notes and pen together in a clear gift bag, tied with ribbon to sell as a Holiday gift. 
-Yard sale:  Will pick a date at July meeting (need to be aware of possible Rockaway Borough Community event – don’t want to pick same date)
- J. Allen to follow up at St. Peter & Paul Church to see if they will be having their Christmas Bazar
- Suggestion was made to advertise for memorial bricks. B. Koch will get copy of current request form to K. Lynch to post on social media.
- J. Hurley mentioned a program to sell plaques for old homes:  “House built in 18xx” etc. Would have no legal tie to historical preservation of home.  RBHC would research history of home as part of cost. This was done somewhere in Morris County.
- B. Koch discussed the Cat’s Meow collectibles; we would need to order a minimum of 6 pieces per item, paying half the cost.  Shipping is free with a $75 order.
Past recording secretary, Sally Mastras had old documents, minutes and pictures that were in her home.  She passed them on to J. Hurley.  
J. Hurley wants to purchase a secure, fireproof safe or filing cabinet for important documents.
H. Kanigel offered that he may have a filing cabinet to donate.   
Donation of $50.00 to the Rockaway Borough Fire Department for use of the pavilion at Fireman’s Field. T. Slockbower made motion, K. Lynch seconded and all in favor.
K. Lynch offered to head committee to do museum inventory. She will work on getting a committee together in next few months.
·       Meeting adjourned at 11:21a.m.
·       Next Meeting Saturday July 25. Regular time: 10:00am (Location TBA)
·       Members in attendance:
D. Tanzola, B. Edwards, T. Slockbower, J. Jackson, B. Koch, J. Allen, K. Lynch, J. Hurley, B. Witnek, H. Kanigel
Regular Meeting Minutes  -  July 25, 2020
Chairman, J. Hurley called the meeting to order at 10:01 am.
He asked for a moment of silence for departed past members.
Approval of Minutes
J.  Jackson made a motion to approve the minutes of the 6/27/20 meeting.
B. Edwards seconded the motion.  All in favor.
Financial Update
B. Witnek reported the bank balance as of 6/30/20 is $8349.76
J. Hurley reported donation can collections of $18.18 from Potbellys 
and $92.45 from Rockaway Liquors and Smith’s. 
Museum Curator
J. Allen stated that the museum has been closed since February.
Fundraising Committee
A. Bernard passed around a sample Christmas ornament.  J. Hurley said there are 496 ornaments at the museum.  Following discussion, the committee members voted not to order new ornaments.
Other fundraising options were discussed.  T. Slockbower has “Rockaway 
Borough Recycles” bags he can donate to the museum. 
The committee discussed ordering Cats’ Meow collectibles.  The minimum order is six per item.  T. Slockbower made a motion to purchase 12 pieces of the Firehouse (at a cost of $108.00).  M. Auriemma seconded the motion.  All in favor.
Following discussion, A. Bernard made a motion to order 250 pens with the Rockaway Borough Historical Committee name on them (cost not to exceed $165.00).  T. Slockbower seconded the motion.  All in favor..  
Membership List
The committee reviewed and updated the membership list
New Business
T. Slockbower would like to investigate if there is interest in holding the 
Town-Wide Yard Sale.  A. Bernard made a motion to hold the yard sale on October 3rd with a rain date of Oct. 10th.  J. Allen seconded the motion.  All in favor.
H. Kanigel is researching a fireproof & waterproof safe.  He generously offered to donate it to the Historical Committee.  Everyone thanked him.  
T. Slockbower made a motion to adjourn the meeting.  H. Kanigel seconded the motion.  All in favor.  Meeting adjourned at 11:42 am.
Members in attendance: J. Allen,  M. Auriemma, A. Bernard,  B. Edwards,  J. Hurley,  J. Jackson,  H. Kanigel,  
T. Slockbower,  D. Tanzola,  B. Witanek
Next meeting:  Saturday, August 29, 2020 (10:00 am)   Firemen’s Field, Beach St
  Meeting Minutes of Saturday, August 29, 2020
Meeting Minutes of Saturday, August 29, 2020
Jim Allen, ,Mary Beth Auriemma, Arnie Bernard, Bob Edwards, Jim Hurley, Joan Jackson, Harry Kanigel,
Barb Koch, Tom Slockbower, Deb Tanzola, Beth Witanek
President Jim Hurley called the meeting to order at 10:02 a.m.  A salute to the flag was held, followed by a moment of silence for our departed members.
Bob’s milestone 90th birthday of last Saturday was commemorated.  Barb brought home-made baked goods and beverages, and we sang to Bob.
Deb was thanked for handling the minutes from our July meeting.  Joan made a motion to approve these minutes, which was seconded by Barb.
Treasurer’s Report:
Barb stated that our current balance is $ 8,349.76.  Also, through our website, three individuals had made requests for commemorative bricks.
Jim H. informed us that someone had made contact through our website, a gentleman by the name of Mark Whitecavage, looking for some old photos to commemorate the 90th birthday of his father, Mickey Benecke.  Jim discussed the items that he put together for sending (several photos that he had scanned, plus the Rockaway book), and read us the letter that he had sent along.
Fundraising Items:
Barb will order ten of the historical firehouse figures from the Cat’s Meow company.  Arnie spoke about the pens, and has put in the order for them.
Arnie then discussed the particulars with regard to ornaments that depicted the Seventh Day Adventist Church:  The cost for production would be $ 2.74 per American-made ornament, with a one-color imprint on cream, presented in a box.  The color set-up charge would be a fee of $ 33.00. (If something were to be printed on the reverse side, the charge would come to an additional $ 0.33 per piece.)  The cost to ship would be $ 17.16; the cost of one box of fifty ornaments, delivered, would total $ 203.66.
At this time, the church indicated that they would have an interest in purchasing about 25 ornaments.  Arnie also suggested that we institute a selling price of $ 8.00 per ornament, with a price of $ 5.00 per any additional ornament purchased at the same time.
Jim H. thanked Harry, and announced that he had donated a new safe to our organization.  It has been placed behind the desk at the museum.  Jim also mentioned that Kate plans to approach Morris Hills High School about student volunteers to record the artifacts in our museum collection.  An e-mail about this is set to go out on Friday (September 4th.)
It was noted that our next opportunity to sell ornaments and Rockaway books will be at the town-wide yard sale, scheduled for October 3rd.  Arnie mentioned that we might think about putting up a table with our items in front of the museum, and also on Sunday, September 27th, between 1:00 and 3:00 p.m., for anyone who might be passing by that area.  Both Barb (Cat’s Meow ornaments) and Arnie (pens) will check about order timeframes.
Yard Sale:
This year’s town-wide event is slated for October 3rd, with a rain-date of October 10th.  Tom has had the form made up; Deb passed out copies to interested members.  Barb, Jim H., and Tom will be there for the morning’s set up.  Tom needs to have five signs produced, at a cost of $ 75; Jim H. made a motion to approve this expense, with Arnie seconding the motion.  Tom will procure both a business card and an invoice from the printer to be used.  Tom pointed out that since no events have been allowed to take place of late, this will be a big chance for the sale to be well-attended and profitable.
Jim A. informed us that he had heard from the wife of the Pastor at St. Peter and Paul Church, and that nothing yet was planned for a Christmas Bazaar for this year.  We will be informed of any updates.
A possible ornament for 2021 is still in question.
Arnie had e-mailed Tony about the possibility of his school producing hats and shirts for us; Arnie has not yet received a response.
Tom and Arnie discussed the notepads (Post-Its) with our carriage logo.  A quantity of 250 sets of 3” x 4” pieces (with free set-up and shipping) would cost $ 162.50.  An expenditure of up to $ 200 was approved for this item.  Arnie stated that we could publicize the idea of people stopping to get a free map and pen for the yard sale, and at the table have signage stating ‘donations appreciated.’
Kate will be handling all aspects of our social media listings; Arnie and Kate will work up the wording for the upcoming yard sale.
Strategic Plans, etc.:
It was stated that there will be no new teacher orientations this year, because of the closures.
Joan presented a picture that had been given to her that she was donating to the museum; the depiction is of the intersection of Union and Stickle Streets.
Tom produced a clay item that had been found in the Rockaway River.  Harry believed that it resembled a Jerusalem Light, and Barb subsequently did a search on the item, and produced a picture that depicted what had been found.
Jim A. announced that he has order forms for anyone wishing to purchase commemorative bricks.
It had been mentioned by Jim H. that he will try to get us into the Community Center for our upcoming September meeting.  Because of schedules, the meeting might have to take place on a Sunday, instead of the usual Saturday.
The meeting was adjourned at 11:29 a.m. 
REGULAR MEETING AGENDA     September 20, 2020            10:01am (location: Firemen’s Field, Beach St.)
Call to Order; Flag Salute-Moment of Silence for Departed Past Members
Approval of Minutes from August 29th Meeting: motion by J. Jackson, seconded by 
T. Slockbower, all in favor
Committee Reports: 
- Bank balance as of 8/31:  $ 8,194.98
Museum Curator
- J. Allen spoke to the Pastor at Seventh Day Adventist church.  They are interested in an ornament, but their congregation is very small right now and they can not commit to purchase a specific number.
- K. Lynch had an offer for service hours posted in the weekly Morris Hills newsletter and received emails from (4) students interested.  She advised students that we are hoping to begin in in next few months.   K. Lynch will bring inventory database format to next meeting for discussion.
Corresponding Secretary – 
- B. Koch said notes were sent to people who purchased memorial bricks
- Thank you was sent to Phyllis Alpaugh, Superintendent of schools,  for donation of $150.00 due to cancellation of 8th grade Washington, D.C. trip.
- Museum tours for new teachers and 2nd graders postponed due to COVID-19
- J. Hurley received correspondence regarding the name of a veteran  on the memorial by the library.  It should be Robert but is listed as Patrick. How can we correct?
- J. Hurley went through list of members for email and B. Koch checked them against most recent member list.

Facilities, Museum Maintenance and Control Committee
- B. Koch and J. Hurley are making room for the safe generously donated by H. Kanigel
- We need members to identify people/places/dates in any photos we find in the storage closet.  A.  Bernard suggested getting K. Lattig, B. Edwards and the Benjamin brothers together to help.
- Need to go through 100+ frames in storage closet.  Frames we will not use will be donated to Re-Store
- Discussion ensued regarding what to do with plexiglass display with uniforms
- B. Koch advised that her ex-husband will make and install a dish rail to display the plates we have at the museum
By-Laws Committee – on hold for now.  
Fundraising Committee
- A. Bernard gave out pens that he ordered
- A. Bernard is waiting on information from T. Gebbia regarding mugs
- Discussion ensued regarding price of Cat’s Meow Firehouse piece.  We paid $90/10 pieces.  MOTION MADE by K. Lynch to sell each piece for $15.  A. Bernard seconded, and all in favor.
- RESOLUTION MADE by A. Bernard to give a pen and notepad with every Cat’s Meow purchase
- T. Slockbower advised that notepads were waiting approval on artwork before being printed.
- T. Slockbower updated us on Town Wide Yard Sale – as of Friday, 17 homes participating.  K. Lynch to push on Social Media.  A. Bernard suggested and offered to  set up table in museum parking lot on Friday, 9/25, with applications, for anyone wanting to sign up last minute.
Open Floor
- B. Edwards told stories
Meeting adjourned at 10:561a.m.
Next Meeting Saturday October 24, 2020, Regular time: 10:00am (Location TBA)
Members in attendance:
D. Tanzola, B. Edwards, T. Slockbower,  J. Jackson, B. Koch, J. Allen, K. Lynch, J. Hurley,  B. Witanek, H. Kanigel         , A. Bernard, M. Auriemma
October 24, 2020            10:03 am      location: Community Center Union St.
·       Call to Order; Flag Salute-Moment of Silence for Departed Past Members
·       Approval of Minutes from September 20th Meeting – D. Tanzola made motion, B. Koch seconded, all in favor
·       Committee Reports: 
Treasurer:  Bank balance as of 9/30/2020:  $8,679.98
 Corresponding Secretary:  
- Thank you received from Mickey Bahnatka for Rockaway Borough book
- Thank you from Rockaway Borough Fire Dept for donation we made for them letting us use Fireman’s Field for meetings.
- Email from Fr. Matt, St. Peter & Paul Church saying Christmas Bazar is cancelled due to COVID-19.  They are looking forward to scheduling the next one in December 2021
- We received a letter from the County of Morris regarding the bridge replacement by Pot Belly’s.  The study being done will be completed by 2022. The bridge was built around 1850, the dam behind Borough Hall in late 1700’s.  If we want to be kept apprised of the project, we need to complete the application/questionnaire.  B. Koch, M. Auriemma, K. Lynch completed application, and B. Koch to return.
Museum Curator:
- J. Allen advised the museum had a quite a few visitors when opened last. 
- J. Allen has quote for new frames
- Museum open today and Sunday 1-3pm
Facilities, Museum Maintenance and Control Committee:
-  J. Hurley for T. Slockbower – bottom panels of side door are disintegrating and the door needs to be replaced.  B. Koch offered to look at Re-Store Habitat for Humanity for a replacement if T. Slockbower can give her dimensions. 
- A. Bernard said nothing to report. He is donating $10 from his yard sale to the museum
- B. Koch gave Town Wide Yard Sale recap: Total profit:  $ 434.00
44 homes participated:    $ 440.00
Donation box:                $    69.00
        Signs                                ($ 75.00)
- Notepads shipped on 10/23 (qty 250)
- K. Lynch to post Cat’s Meow Firehouse in stock at Museum.  Asking $15 donation
- K. Lynch to post Cat’s Meow Painted Ladies pieces on Facebook.
- B. Koch making check to herself for $90.00 for the Firehouse pieces that she put on her credit card.
- Discussion ensued about expanding inventory of Cat’s Meow pieces
·       Open floor for member comments, and/or historical reflections
- Discussion regarding Park Lakes Dam project
- B. Koch brought donuts for J. Allen’s 80th birthday
·       Meeting adjourned at 11:44 am
·       Next Meeting  November 21 ,2020. Regular time: 10:00am 
Location: Community Center Union St.
Members in attendance:  J. Hurley, B. Edwards, M. Auriemma, D. Tanzola, A. Bernard, B. Witanek, J. Jackson, B. Koch, K. Lynch,  J. Allen










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